Treasure Data: Who We Are

Treasure Data: Who We Are

Behind the Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse is a team of brilliant hackers and experienced software professionals. Two of our engineers have designed and built large-scale distributed systems that power one of the world’s largest e-commerce services while our business leaders have worked with a wide range of software companies, ranging from global enterprises to successful startups.

In short, we are a hardcore systems software company that understands how to develop and deploy scalable, secure, cloud-based systems. We provide deep technology to rapidly growing companies  to help them create value through UI/UX innovation on top of modern mobile web and cloud infrastructure.

We are also proud of our open-source heritage. One of our founders conceived MessagePack, a serializer that runs circles around Google’s Protocol Buffer, and our engineers have made substantial contributions to Hibernate, Hadoop, Cassandra, Memcached, KDE, and MongoDB. Our CEO worked for a number of years at Red Hat, first as an engineer and later on product marketing and business development, and our CTO founded and spearheaded the world’s largest Hadoop user group with more than 1,500 members. They both have a deep understanding of the open-source technologies and ecosystem.

Our product reflects our deep commitment and trust in the open-source community. Our backend system is built on top of several open-source technologies that came out of Yahoo! and Facebook, and we have already open-sourced Fluentd, a logging daemon, and td-command, a command line program that communicates with our backend system. As our software continues to evolve, we intend to share as much of it as possible with the open-source community.

Our singular vision is to empower our users by simplifying Big Data, and as we speak, we are improving our product to achieve that vision. Whether you are sold on us or on the fence, we encourage you to sign up for our trial to see what we mean.

The Treasure Data team

UPDATE: We are actively hiring. If you know anyone that is a good fit (including yourself!), please drop us a line. We’d love to talk to you.

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