Fluentd Talk at MongoDB SV User Group

Fluentd loves MongoDB

Recently, I gave a presentation at MongoDB Silicon Valley User Group titled “Fluentd loves MongoDB”.

The slides I used can be found on Slideshare.

For those who don’t know what Fluentd is…Fluentd is a log collector daemon written in Ruby. It receives logs as a JSON stream, buffers them, and sends them to other systems like MongoDB.

We originally developed it to solve the problem of data collection for our own service. Since open-sourcing it last October, it’s been deployed at many organizations including SlideShare/LinkedIn, ContextLogic, Viki, NHN, and many others.

Fluentd and MongoDB work well together because both handle data as JSON objects. A number of Fluentd’s users deploy MongoDB for real-time analysis whilie delegating batch analysis to their Hadoop backend (or Treasure Data).

Kazuki Ota
Kazuki Ota
Kaz is no stranger to big data. He co-founded the Hadoop User Group Japan in 2009. A long time open source advocate, Kaz was a proponent of KDE at age 18 and has made numerous contributions to open source software. Follow @kzk_mover on Twitter.
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