Treasure Data Is Sponsoring Heroku Waza 2013!

Treasure Data Is Sponsoring Heroku Waza 2013!

This week is a big week for Treasure Data. Not only will we be a Premier Exhibitor at Strata from Tuesday through Thursday, we’ll be sponsoring Heroku Waza 2013 alongside GitHub, New Relic and six other great companies (hint: scroll down!)

Heroku, the leading polyglot PaaS, and Treasure Data have been partnering via Heroku’s add-on system for some time (speaking of Heroku, check out our new STDOUT integration!).

Team Treasure Data will be manning the coat check that will also recharge your laptops for you (no need to huddle around a handful of outlets and sit on the floor!), so please drop by and say hi =) Waza will be a great opportunity for us to get to know the Heroku community better and learn how we can improve our service.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 2/28!

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