Fluentd: Meetup at Slideshare’s New Office!

Fluentd: Meetup at Slideshare’s New Office!

This Thursday from 18:30 PDT, Treasure Data is teaming up with Slideshare to host the first Fluentd Meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area!

First, logistics

You can sign up for the event from HERE. It will be at Slideshare-LinkedIn’s brand new office in Downtown San Francisco and start at 18:30 on Thursday, March 7th.

What’s Fluentd?

In case you’ve never heard of Fluentd…Fluentd is a versatile log collector that makes logging more robust, maintainable and fun (yes, logging can be fun!) Originally, Sada, one of our co-founders, wrote Fluentd to make it easier for our customers to import data onto our service. After using Fluentd (packaged as td-agent) for a couple of weeks, one of our customers suggested that we open-source it.

We heeded their advice and open-sourced Fluentd in October 2011. Since then, the project has grown to have close to 1,000 stars on GitHub with 117 plugins that enable Fluentd to talk to pretty much any other service.

In its relatively short life as an open source project, Fluentd has seen a pretty wide adoption: its users include PPTV (a popular video sharing website in China), Backplane (a Lady Gaga-backed social media start-up) and Slideshare (the slide sharing web service and this meetup’s co-host!) among others.

See You There!

There will be two talks, one by Sada, the original author of Fluentd, going over the overall architecture and another by Sylvain, a Slideshare operations engineer, on how Slideshare uses Fluentd.

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If you are an infrastructure engineer who’s done spending hours and days on debugging your logging infrastructure or a developer who wants to have a robust logging solution without reinventing the wheel or just curious about Slideshare’s new office, sign up and come hang out with us this Thursday (refreshments provided courtesy of Slideshare)!

Kiyoto Tamura
Kiyoto Tamura
Kiyoto began his career in quantitative finance before making a transition into the startup world. A math nerd turned software engineer turned developer marketer, he enjoys postmodern literature, statistics, and a good cup of coffee.
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