The 1 Trillion Record Milestone

The 1 Trillion Record Milestone

It hasn’t even been a year, but we’ve already hit a huge milestone: our users have imported 1 trillion (with a “T”!) data records into the Treasure Data Service. Our customers represent a wide swath of industries and use cases, but all with one pressing need: to wrangle large amounts of data.

Mobile social gaming company GREE, one of our customers, requires a solution that can analyze large volumes of customer data gathered from in-game purchases – where most of their revenue comes from. It’s a massive amount of data, and GREE needs to move it quickly to better understand what their players want out of the games. The company evaluated a lot of different vendors but ultimately liked how Treasure Data allowed engineers to create queries in familiar SQL syntax and export results or raw data into other systems. What’s exciting for GREE is that the company can connect Treasure Data to any of its systems, which lets its engineers create role-based dashboards for easy analysis.

Our customers appreciate the rapid deployment and scalability of the Treasure Data Service – most are able to get their systems running in days, not months, and when they run into problems, our engineers are here to help.

It’s exciting to see our customers as they find new ways to use our service for their data analysis needs. We’re looking forward to helping more companies realize the full potential of their data with Treasure Data.

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