Treasure Data Continues Exponential Growth with Cloud Service for Big Data

Treasure Data Continues Exponential Growth with Cloud Service for Big Data

Makes Big Data Analytics Accessible To Any User with New Capabilities and Monthly Pricing

Mountain View, Calif. — November 20, 2013 — Treasure Data, a cloud data service provider, is demonstrating major growth in capabilities, customers, and data volumes. Customers are being added at a rate of over 50 percent quarter over quarter since the managed service went live a year ago and customer data flowing through the Treasure Data service is growing at a rate close to 90 percent quarter over quarter, recently reaching two trillion rows now loaded into the service. Treasure Data provides a cloud service for acquisition, storage and analysis of big data that is the first to address the entire data pipeline, making each step in the process easy for any end-user at a flat, monthly rate. The Treasure Data service supports many structured and multi-structured data types, including web, application, mobile, log, sensor and machine data. Even with enormous amounts of data, Treasure Data customers see quick time to value because of the fast, simple setup of this reliable, managed service. Treasure Data-s team is committed to making analytics even easier for its customers by adding new capabilities, so today Treasure Data today announces two new products: Treasure Viewer, a new lightweight visualization tool that allows business analysts to easily understand and explore their data before connecting to popular BI/analytics tools, and Treasure Query Accelerator, which complements the Hadoop-based service, enabling a higher-performance option for ad-hoc queries. Treasure Data has also enhanced Plazma, its unique columnar cloud database infrastructure, to automatically provide customers additional processing power (up to four times), at no cost to support short-term processing needs.

“At Treasure Data, we have seen a shift in the need from enterprise companies to put the power of big data directly into the hands of it business analysts quickly in order to drive the business forward. We work with our customers to deploy their programs quickly — many times in less than 14 days — and remove the complexity of collecting, storing and analyzing data that allows them to yield results from big data initiatives right away,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data. Since the beginning of the year Treasure Data has added such companies as: MobFox, Developer Force, Cookpad and Densu. Two vertical areas have emerged as early adoption and success for Treasure Data – digital marketing & advertising, and online & mobile video gaming. Commonalities between the two include: enormous amounts of real-time data, business users that need hands-on access to data and the need to analyze various structured and unstructured data types in one system. Both industries are using big data to change the way business is done.

“Deploying Treasure Data was simple and fast; within days, our team was able to easily acquire and analyze tens of millions of daily log events,” said Danny Zhang, co-founder of ContextLogic, which runs, a popular social and retail platform with over 16 million members. “We didn’t have to invest in any hardware. The Treasure Data Service saved us valuable time and IT resources.”

Treasure Data stands out in a crowded market for its focus on time to value,” said Shawn Rogers, vice president research at Enterprise Management Associates. “Organizations can go live on the service in weeks, with no capital investment. This allows companies to get value out of their data faster, while lowering the TCO of their data infrastructure.” To accommodate the enterprise customer growth and take advantage of how cloud is changing service economics, Treasure Data is announcing new pricing models to help businesses find the best option to meet their needs.

Starter – $0 per month for 2B rows annually and online support. The Starter option is designed for learning the product’s capabilities, simple prototypes, and non-production usage.
Standard – $3,000 per month for up to 15B rows annually, unlimited queries and eight dedicated processing cores. The Basic option allows small and middle size organizations to get up and running with their big data program right away – most customers see almost immediate ROI from these deployments.
Premium – $7,500 per month for 50B rows annually, unlimited queries and 16 dedicated processing cores. This high-end option will give customers unlimited storage, compute power, queries and support. Like the Business option, most customers deploy this option and see results within 14 days.
Custom – For customers who have unique requirements, special pricing is available.

To learn more about Treasure Data register for its next webinar on December 3, 2013 here.

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Treasure Data was founded in 2011, with the mission of building the first end-to-end cloud service for the entire data pipeline of acquisition storage and analysis. Since the service launched in 2012, thousands use the Starter version and our 90+ corporate customers include MobFox, Getjar, GREE and several Global Fortune 500 companies.

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