Treasure Data Doubles its Data Rows

Treasure Data Doubles its Data Rows

It feels like yesterday we were proudly announcing how our customers had imported 1 trillion records into the Treasure Data Service. But here we are, just a few months later, cheering on our customers as our numbers show that they have doubled the amount of data entrusted to us. That’s right; the Treasure Data Service is now handling 2 trillion rows of data, and we’re honored to help our customers make sense of them.

More companies are realizing that they can unlock the potential of their data by using Treasure Data, leading to exponential growth in the rows of data we’re seeing them feed into the service. Companies in a plethora of industries around the world trust us to make sure their data is ready for analysis at a moment’s notice, ready for analysis in near real-time and with a service that scales as they grow.

For example, MobFox is one of our earliest customers and a true Treasure Data success story. The growing European ad network needed a fully-scalable, flexible, and managed big data service that could be deployed quickly to meet the needs of their rapidly growing customer base. It was a challenge that we couldn’t wait to meet – and we were thrilled to see MobFox up and running in less than two short weeks.

Stories like MobFox’s are why we’re seeing companies jump on board with the Treasure Data Service. We’re looking forward to see what our customers continue to do with our service, and we’ll be ready to get them to the next level of analyzing their data.

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