We’ve Hit 3 Trillion

We’ve Hit 3 Trillion

We did it again! We have hit 3 trillion rows of data in the Treasure Data Service! Our customers have been busy bees, and the Treasure Data Service is humming happily. Treasure Data’s customer base has continued to grow, and in just a few months, our customers added another trillion data records.

We’ve seen some fascinating use cases with our customers, collecting data for integration and analysis from a variety of systems and touch-points. Our customers are rapidly growing companies who know the value of Big Data and are seeking ways to unlock its potential, using the insights gleaned from it to better serve their own customers and take the business to the next level.

That was certainly the case for MUJI, a global lifestyle retailer with hundreds of billions in annual revenue – and data that gets pulled in to Treasure Data from multiple locations, including retail stores, mobile apps, and its website. Capturing the data was just the tip of the iceberg – MUJI needed to integrate and analyze it as well to provide its customers with exclusive offers. It chose the Treasure Data Service because of its flexibility and scalability to process over 2 million lines of data every day. In just one month, MUJI was able to realize the value of all that data and truly personalize the customer experience.

We appreciate the trust our customers have in the Treasure Data Service. With every row uploaded, we’re thrilled that we can help companies make sense of their data, helping them grow alongside us.

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