What Our Customers Say: Keeping it Real at Treasure Data

What Our Customers Say: Keeping it Real at Treasure Data

From the earliest days of Treasure Data, we’ve been fortunate to work with some very innovative companies. Our goal has always been to actively learn from our customers rather than relying 100% on our own vision and perspective. We are pleased to have smart, inventive customers who provide feedback to help us set the direction for Treasure Data Service.

In order to encourage ongoing communication and solicit feedback about the company and service, the Treasure Data team recently conducted a product survey among our customers. Survey respondents were entered in a drawing to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards. We’re passionate about the technology and service we provide and are grateful for the feedback.

Here’s a sample of the comments we received, all of which will inform ongoing product development and help us continually enhance customer satisfaction.

On Support:

“White-glove customer service, response time, quick implementations, clean interface” –  gaming company

“The best thing about Treasure Data is the support team. Second best is that I don’t have to manage my own Hadoop servers.” – connected device developer and manufacturer

On Ease of Use:

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“Heroku integration is easy” – Ruby focused dev shop

“[Treasure Data Service] reduces our need to aggregate lots of data and allows us to look only at the data we need.” – ad tech firm

“[It is] easy to embed logging logic, schemaless, speed of Presto” – gaming company

Constructive Criticisms (We truly appreciate those, too!):

“Testing new queries can still take quite some time” – development environment

“We want more detailed description about Hive/Presto errors – Japanese would be ideal.” – voice and data telecommunications company

“[There is] no validation on the editor when we issue the ad hoc query” – digital media organization

And the Winners Are…

Treasure Data would like to congratulate the winners of the Amazon Gift Card drawing:

  • Ivar Pruijn, product manager at cloud-based development environment Cloud9
  • Heather Shapiro, data scientist at smartwatch maker Pebble. Here is the message that we received from Heather: “Treasure Data has made my work immensely quicker and easier. In addition to good software, I really value the responsiveness and quality of the team.”
  • Yuli Ye, data scientist at Wish.com, the world’s largest mobile shopping mall

If you have recommendations or ideas about the future Treasure Data Service, please let us know!

Learn more about how companies like Cloud9, Pebble, and Wish.com are using Treasure Data Service to enable analytics.

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