Using Analytics to Uncover the Best Path to Monetization

At some point, every successful app needs to turn a profit – no two ways about it. Those millions of daily active users don’t mean jack to your investors until you find something they’ll actually pay for. And, when it comes to mucking around with your user experience looking for paydirt, good analytics is how all the best companies do it. A good example is Grindr: a leading lifestyle dating app with over 40 million downloads on iOS and Android. Next week, I’ll sit down with Lukas Silwka, CTO at Grindr, to talk about how his team walks this tight-rope, and learn more about how they use data science to understand and improve Grindr’s core experience while following a user-driven path to monetization.

In this brief chat, we’ll learn about the infrastructure challenges Grindr faced as its user-base exploded to over 2.5 million daily active users in just two years. Lukas will talk about how he balanced the growing demands on his incredibly small DevOps team, while making the bold move to centralize all his data with Treasure Data and take ownership of the analytics stack. By cleverly rebalancing his team while leveraging the best tools on the market, he was able to simplify his architecture while giving every member of the company the insights they needed to stay on top of this explosive growth.

To hear all of Lukas’ tips for managing this delicate balance, join us for the webinar on April 15th, 10am PST.

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Paul Lacey
Paul Lacey
Paul Lacey is equal parts entrepreneur and engineer. He manages Product Marketing at Treasure Data, after several years at a social media startup that he co-founded himself. He loves big data, ruby-on-rails, and any blogging platform other than WordPress.
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