The Data Drive Podcast: Episode 3: Pavel Hardak and Basho

The Data Drive Podcast: Episode 3: Pavel Hardak and Basho

At Treasure Data, we’ve kicked off with a new podcast: The Data Drive. In our series, we survey cutting-edge technologies in the data analytics space, and interview their inventors, contributors, power users and evangelists, with a view to data integrations and analytics.

Basho has been at the forefront of “Big Data”, IOT, and the hybrid cloud since their inception in 2008, and heavily leverage their experience in low-latency distributed systems to maintain their position.

As traditional relational databases lack the flexibility and scalability to handle massive amounts of unstructured data, a few key technologies and capabilities have emerged:

  • Key-value stores, which are great for storing things like user and session data;
  • Time series databases; specifically optimized for time-series data, including IoT device data;
  • Masterless architectures designed for reliability and fault tolerance;
  • The ability to build and scale these architectures on commodity hardware…

…and many others.

On today’s podcast with Pavel Hardak, Product Manager at Basho, we’ll not only learn about Riak’s products and how they address and incorporate these points – we’ll also learn about how Riak’s KV and TS offerings fit into the data analytics ecosystem as well as how they integrate with other technologies – including Treasure Data.

John Hammink
John Hammink
John Hammink is Chief Evangelist for Treasure Data. An 18-year veteran of the technology and startup scene, he enjoys travel to unusual places, as well as creating digital art and world music.
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