How Subaru Races Alongside Tesla, Porsche and Ferrari

How Subaru Races Alongside Tesla, Porsche and Ferrari

With a lineup of only seven cars, Subaru may not be the biggest automaker. But brand-wise? It’s one of the best, with numerous accolades:

  • “Best Overall Brand”
  • “Most Trusted Brand”
  • “Best Performance Brand”

How does Subaru keep scoring big on sales and brand value year after year? 

Using Customer Data to understand customers’ needs and capture the attention of vehicle buying consumers.

Subaru is not only well-received by new car buyers, the brand also has a loyal following of customers that keep coming back to Subaru when they are ready for their next vehicle.

Subaru’s ability to provide personalized customer experience using Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform also gives them strong headway to reaching Millennial and next generation shoppers.

Accurate Customer Buying Journey

Previously, Subaru relied on gut feeling to form their marketing and advertising campaigns. But in order to optimize their marketing ROI, they needed to accurately understand the customer buying journey and distribute messaging based on behavior based data. They realized that having 3rd party data alone failed to accurately capture where each customer was in the buying journey.

To personalize the customer experience, Subaru needed to gather all their 1st party customer data and merge it with their 3rd party data. This Customer 360 included data from:

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Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.25.10 AM

Unfortunately, many of the tools and data sources did not easily integrate. And it didn’t help that most of the 1st party data was either hidden or scattered among various corporate departments. For instance, website logs were managed by Marketing, purchase history by Sales and support information by Customer Support.

To further make matters complicated, each car model had its own advertising data, managed by separate agencies.

80% Faster Time to Value

Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform provided Subaru with an easy, plug-and-play solution that was flexible enough to integrate all their 1st and 3rd party data sources.

Onboarding with Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform took only a few weeks. It was so speedy even Subaru was shocked.

“We said: ‘What? Did you really do that in such a short time?’ There were no technical troubles at all. I really felt the speed.”

– Atsushi Yasumuro, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Having Treasure Data do the grunt work versus in house IT delivered 80% faster time to value.

350% CTR Increase By Thinking People, Not Devices

After implementing their Customer Data Platform, CTR soared 350% on their advertisements. But the results did not end there.

Now Subaru could achieve personalized, one-to-one marketing:

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.30.34 AM

Before, advertisements were not well received by consumers, especially mobile ads. But by delivering relevant information at the right time to the right audience helped Subaru to transform the customer experience and ultimately achieve sustained growth in sales and brand value.

“We started thinking about people, not devices. Buyers who just started to consider and those who are almost decided are quite different in character, and putting the same advertisement for both is not effective.”


The Road Forward with Customer Data

Subaru knows that their best point of contact with customers is through the dealers, so they are working on ways to help dealers leverage Customer Data as well. As the sharing economy and connected cars come to dominate, Subaru is investing in even more use cases for their Customer Data.

“The possibilities are endless with what you can realize with data.”

Request a demo to find out how Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform can help you connect with your customers and achieve optimized marketing and advertising results.

Yuchen Zhang
Yuchen Zhang
Yuchen is a promoter of big data analytics. She also pioneered the World’s Only Hot Smoothie.
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