Turn Your Amazon S3 Data into Super-Charged Insights with Treasure Data

Turn Your Amazon S3 Data into Super-Charged Insights with Treasure Data

Amazon S3 is a boon to businesses; it provides easy to use object storage with a simple web interface, enabling marketing professionals to backup their Adobe Analytics raw data, their Google Premium Analytics data or other data sets. Their durable and scalable architecture has made it the de facto standard among cloud storage platforms.

Treasure Data’s customer data platform now integrates with Amazon S3 storage. Read on to learn how you can gain insights into the customer data stored in Amazon S3 and create a single version of truth regarding customer behaviors and trends.

Amazon S3: A Data Storage Powerhouse

Until 2006, Amazon was known for being an online retailer. That was the year the company released its cloud-based products and services. Since then, Amazon has become almost as well known for its cloud services as its retail offerings. Amazon S3 offers a number of great features:

  • It provides durable storage for 99.99 percent of objects.
  • It is easily scalable.
  • It has a high level of availability (also 99.99 percent).
  • Data transfer is simple.
  • It is deeply integrated with other Amazon Web Services.
  • It is easy to manage.

There are a variety of ways that you can use Amazon S3. One popular use of the service is as a bulk repository (also known as a data lake) for information. You can integrate the information in the bulk repository with an analytics solution to gain valuable insights, especially if the data being stored pertains to customers.

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Integrating Amazon S3 with Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform: Making the Most of Your Information

You can now integrate the data stored in Amazon S3 with Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform. This integration enables you to dig deeper into your customer information than ever before.

How is that possible? Amazon S3 is just one of the many data sources to which Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform connects. Treasure Data relies upon SQL to provide direct access to raw data. How will this help your business?

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The ability to access all of your data in one place can lead to some amazing discoveries. For example, suppose you want to know how many of your customers purchase an aftermarket service package as a result of your latest marketing campaign. With a few clicks, you can view the information you have stored in Amazon S3 within Treasure Data’s customer data platform.

Next, you run a query through your CRM, since those results are also visible in Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform. You learn that your campaign was not so successful; less than a quarter of your customers purchased the service package. By running a few other queries, you determine that you were not targeting the right customers.

Thanks to the integration between Amazon S3 and Treasure Data, you do not have to waste time hunting down this information. Furthermore, with Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform integrated with all your other sources of data, there is now a single, comprehensive version of the truth. There will not be any more arguments about whose data is “better,” because what is in the customer data platform is verified and official.

Amazon S3 is but one information source that can be integrated into Treasure Data. To learn about how Treasure Data can super-charge your insights, get the Treasure Data demo.

Jeremy Goodrich
Jeremy Goodrich
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