Fueling Great Customer Experience with Data

Fueling Great Customer Experience with Data

Ever experienced this?

  • You’re already logged in and shopping on your favorite ecommerce site but they make you log in again to check out.
  • You get discount flight emails from your airline miles club but the discounts never include your home airport.
  • You finally bought that car but the dealership keeps sending you messages encouraging you to purchase the car you just bought!


These vendors are shooting themselves in the foot by delivering a poor customer experience. They will inevitably have to deal with frustrated clients venting on social media, bashing them on Yelp and warning away their friends and family. They will lose prospects and churn clients. Bad customer experience costs companies real money and damages reputation.

But how do you ensure a good experience? Where should a marketer begin?

Starting with data? That’s good.

Starting with data you already have? Even better!

You probably have a ton of customer data that you’re not fully using. Data that can stop you from annoying your customers with a bad experience. Data that can tell you that your customer is already logged in or predict their home airport or that yes – in fact – they did purchase that car!

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You already have data that could help you personalize outreach and improve your customer experience. You already have the data that would allow you to meet your customer’s demands for personalization in our Netflix/Amazon recommendation world.

But first you need to find it.

The Usual Hiding Spots:

  1. Siloed in various sales and marketing tools (Salesforce, Marketo, HootSuite, HubSpot, etc.)
  2. Trapped in historic spreadsheets
  3. Stuck on your company’s social media ad platforms
  4. Website data stranded in Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics/etc.
  5. Bottle-necked in brick and mortar point-of-sale machines
  6. Unreachable in IoT devices
  7. Walled-up in IT controlled databases


Modern marketers need a way to bring all their data together on one platform so they can have a single source of truth in order to make accurate predictions and decisions. Marketers need unified data to optimize their customer journey and experience. They need a complete picture of their customers to be able to personalize at scale.

But how do you do that?

You could:

  1. Hire an army of engineers (at $100k+ a head) to build integrations to connect all of your tools. This will take several months and requires constant resources to update and maintain.
  2. Buy a Data Management Platform (DMP) so you have somewhere to put your data, and hire a few data scientists to manage data cleaning and formatting. This is also expensive and will force you to use pre-set schemas and reports.
  3. Or…

  4. Partner with an enterprise customer data platform provider that can scale with you as you grow, is flexible and can customize to your unique business needs, and has the highest level of enterprise security to keep your PII safe.

I know which one I’d vote for.

An enterprise customer data platform is the tool that will allow all marketers to compete with the “data giants” in 2018 and beyond. You no longer have to be a Facebook or Netflix to be able to use data intelligently and at scale. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your customers the personalized experience they demand.

An enterprise customer data platform allows you to know your customers better, engage them better and measure those interactions accurately, leading to a superior customer experience.

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Laura Grandi-Hill
Laura Grandi-Hill
Laura is the Event Marketing Specialist and Social Media Manager for Treasure Data. She grew up working in trade shows and events and loves creating memorable experiences. A theater nerd at heart, Laura enjoys sci-fi and fantasy novels, stand-up comedy, and really good seafood.
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