When It Comes to Customer Data, Marketers Need to Use Customer Data Responsibly to Deliver Amazing Experiences

When It Comes to Customer Data, Marketers Need to Use Customer Data Responsibly to Deliver Amazing Experiences

With more data at our fingertips than ever before, there’s never been a bigger opportunity for marketers to engage their audience with timely, relevant and personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

But with big data comes big responsibility…

Responsible Data Usage in the Facebook and GDPR Era

Times have changed – even from just a few months ago. Consumers still have high expectations when it comes to delivering high-quality, tailored experiences—and rightfully so. But marketers now carry the responsibility and opportunity to show them their data is, yes, being used to provide that superior experience, but in manner that doesn’t cross the line. As Sameer Khan, Alert Logic’s Director of Global Analytics, Marketing Technology and Operations, recently states in our new eBook:

“Companies need to get their act together and ‘drink data’ responsibly.”

His sentiments were echoed by Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer, Shepard Presentations, LLC, says it’s access to data is a privilege that shouldn’t be abused:

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“The moment you cross that line, you risk the customer deleting that email (or whatever channel you are using to market to the customer), or worse, deleting you permanently.”

Knowing Your Data Limits

A critical component of responsible data usage is to ensure you’re first using only the data you have the right to collect, and then that you are simply asking the right questions to glean actionable, useful and memorable insights that delight.

Also in new eBook, Tamara McCleary, CEO at Thulium.com, shares that too many marketers expect data to reveal magical insights on-demand:

“Incredible opportunities exist for marketers who are taking advantage of marketing technology to uncover what was once a moving target with customers. We have the technology to drill down to a level of specificity delivering on personalization, right message, right time, right platform. What questions are you asking of your data?”

Demands for better, faster and more personalized experiences have grown, but so have calls for more privacy and respect.

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect May 25th, Chris Penn, founder of Brain+Trust Insights, states that marketers should be working with other internal teams to ensure data compliance and accessibility for the long-term.

“Marketers [should be making sure] they are compliant with today’s regulations and compliant with regulations going forward. Own your data in your systems. Augment it and append it as needed by trusted third-parties, but you need to own and control the data.”

The Right Technology & Systems = A Clear Data Vision

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are becoming increasingly useful and influential in understanding data that informs the customer experience. As Ronald van Loon, Director of Advertisement, shares:

“Through IoT, informing and deploying actionable customer experience solutions is more attainable than ever.”

Bob Egan, President and Founder of The Sepharim Group, shares this example:

“[Some enterprises in the manufacturing sector] are already seeing high business impact because they are reducing build order cycles by more than 35%.”

The bottom line? While technology has contributed to the unwieldy data deluge marketers find themselves in now, it does hold the key to unlocking insights for creating better experiences and driving deeper relevance for marketers. You can call this a golden age for marketers as they balance this tightrope of trust-driven customer experience.

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Responsible data usage was a core theme that emerged in our conversations with these six marketing and customer experience experts. But there’s much more.

To learn more on how the right customer data can unlock insights and enhance the customer experience, see our experts’ full contributions in our new eBook, Connecting the Customer Data Dots: How Marketers Can Unlock Insights to Transform the Customer Experience:

Rob Glickman
Rob Glickman
Rob serves as Head of Marketing, Data Business at Arm. Previously, he was VP of audience marketing at SAP where he led a global team of marketers chartered with driving modern marketing demand generation programs. He brings nearly 20 years of marketing experience ranging from lean startups to large enterprises, including running product marketing for Symantec, eBay and PayPal, where he held various marketing leadership roles globally.
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