Partner Spotlight: How Silverbullet’s Focus on First-Party Data is Helping Modern Marketers

Partner Spotlight: How Silverbullet’s Focus on First-Party Data is Helping Modern Marketers

Partner Spotlight: How Silverbullet’s Focus on First-Party Data is Helping Modern Marketers

In this week’s Partner Spotlight, Silverbullet’s Director of Enterprise Strategy Andrea Ghibaudi talks about navigating the uncharted waters of a cookieless future, the benefits of real-time data, and how Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) can help.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

Andrea Ghibaudi: Robust and consistent first-party data collection is surely one of the main challenges, especially given the upcoming cookieless scenario.

Data-driven marketing will increasingly be related to the ability to collect valuable first-party data. And nowadays, people are extremely careful when they are asked to share personal information and give marketing or profiling consent.

From the technological point of view, making data processing quicker is a big challenge too, especially if we think about the (constantly increasing) variety and volume of available data.

Treasure Data: How do you see Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) playing a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

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Andrea: CDPs are going to be a key tech component of the martech industry. Considering how quickly technology is evolving as well as the exponential growth of available data, these platforms will play a critical role in enabling companies to perform data-driven marketing actions and to make informed decisions. Marketing and advertising without data will not be an option anymore.

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside your company’s offerings?

Andrea: Silverbullet relies on Treasure Data as our most valuable enterprise CDP offering. Treasure Data’s CDP allows our clients to collect, store, and activate first-party data, but it also has impressive computational capabilities, as well as plenty of possibilities for custom development.

In our view, Treasure Data is:

  • An established platform: Treasure Data has a solid history in the CDP ecosystem, long before it became a trending category.
  • Versatile: Most of Treasure Data’s functions (e.g. models and workflows) accept custom code if what’s already available OOTB doesn’t fit your needs.
  • User friendly: Treasure Data CDP makes it easy to perform complex operations (such as data model normalization) instead of burdening your IT team. The result is democratized data for marketers to use.
  • Secure: With an industry-recognized framework, once in the Treasure Data infrastructure, your data will benefit from enhanced security.

For modern marketers, the explosion of digital communications has created massive amounts of data streams which overwhelm their internal organizations. Huge pools of data can be found throughout businesses and are packed with customer insights. Treasure Data helps Silverbullet’s customers leverage these untapped business opportunities.

About Silverbullet
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About Andrea Ghibaudi
Silverbullet’s Director of Enterprise Strategy Andrea Ghibaudi has over 10 years’ experience in the digital marketing and martech industry. At Silverbullet, he focuses on building bespoke and successful data strategies for a variety of clients, as well as developing key partnerships with enterprise organizations and technology vendors. You can reach Andrea at

Jonathan Von Abo
Jonathan Von Abo
With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Jonathan von Abo has a unique understanding of the digital landscape. As a Senior Director of Business Development for EMEA and India at Treasure Data, Jonathan focuses on building strategic relationships and delivering value to our customers.
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