Open Source: Treasure Data Sponsoring FISL16

It’s well known that Treasure Data promotes open source. We have contributed to numerous open source projects and created some of our own.  Our service is built atop open source components relevant to our core business. One of our most relevant solutions is Fluentd, an open source data collector that allows you to unify your logging layer with structured logs. Fluentd has reliability built-in, a pluggable architecture, and is optimized for high performance.

Most of our open solutions are made to solve Big Data collection needs. Supporting the communities around these projects is as important to us as their development. We’ve grown with open source and we will continue to support and share our knowledge.  Thus, we consider all kinds of collaboration as a key to success.

This week, 16th Forum Internacional de Software Livre is taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil and we are happy to announce that Treasure Data will participate as a Sponsor. We are also glad to say that two members of our open source Team will fly to Porto Alegre to share their experience and knowledge:

If you’re at the event, please feel free to reach out to John or Eduardo any time – they will be happy to meet you and talk about OSS. If you are a happy Fluentd user let us know – we may have a small present for you!

Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo is an Open Source Developer at Treasure Data, focusing on Fluentd and related projects. He is the founder of the Monkey Project and, high-performance open-source web framework for Linux. He likes to make software more efficient.
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