Treasure Data at LinuxCon North America 2015

Treasure Data at LinuxCon North America 2015


As many of you already know, Treasure Data  contributes and promotes open source software. We are happy to announce that we will be actively participating at CloudOpen & LinuxCon North America 2015.

Eduardo Silva, a member of our Open Source Engineering team, will be presenting a session titled Unifying events and logs into the cloud. If you are interested in learning more about unifying log data in a structured way, please join us! We will discuss end-to-end data collection for Linux, Embedded Linux and details about our new native integration that just launched in Docker v1.8.


If you are a Fluentd Fluentd user around the event, please reach out to us! We’d be thrilled to meet up with people from our communities.

Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo is an Open Source Developer at Treasure Data, focusing on Fluentd and related projects. He is the founder of the Monkey Project and, high-performance open-source web framework for Linux. He likes to make software more efficient.
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