Fueling 2016 with Team Growth (Hint: We’re Hiring)

Fueling 2016 with Team Growth (Hint: We’re Hiring)

The Muse recently ranked Treasure Data as one of the top 15 companies to work for this year. It’s a great honor to be recognized, and we believe our company stands out from other startups based on our team, our products, and our core values that shine across everything that we do as a company.

Our number one priority is the success of our customers. Big data and analytics are not just buzzwords; they are truly an essential part of any company – even our own. We are continually focused on changing the way data is managed and making valuable tools accessible to a wide range of professionals.

These aggressive goals cannot be accomplished without our global teams. From the beginning, we have set high standards and only hire exceptional people who enjoy pushing themselves to perform at the highest levels every day. Inside and outside of work hours, they represent Treasure Data and exude all of our key values, including: Humility, Openness, Honesty, Reliability, Trust and Responsibility.  

We also surround ourselves with people driven to do the right things and act with integrity – with customers, partners, employees and the community. We are all in the trenches together every day, and we enjoy celebrating our successes – big and small. In fact, our CTO, Kaz Ota, is known to answer customer support tickets.

While most startups are known for long, crazy work hours, this is not the case for us. It might look that way based on the flexible schedules that allow our teams to work in the middle of the night, if they so choose. However, we also value and respect our employees’ personal lives. Not everyone works in the same way – and they shouldn’t be forced to conform.

We go out of our way to ensure our employees are happy and healthy, which creates a more productive and positive work environment. We foster a very laid-back, casual culture and offer competitive compensation and benefits (e.g., health, retirement, stock options). Need a sick day? Take one. Want to take a vacation? That’s what PTO is there for; use it! We also encourage our employees to give back to the community through charitable activities and participating in open-source communities.

All of this combined is what motivates us to wake up each morning and head into the office. While The Muse article mentioned above is just one example, it helps illustrate why our employees choose to stay with us throughout the years.  

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If you are interested in joining our team, please take a look at the job descriptions here. We are hiring for roles in Marketing, Sales, Engineering – across the globe. Here’s to a strong 2016!

Hiro Yoshikawa, Vice President and General Manager, Data Business
Hiro Yoshikawa, Vice President and General Manager, Data Business
Hiro is the former CEO & Co-Founder of Treasure Data, acquired by Arm in 2018. Hiro is an open source software business veteran who began his career at Red Hat as an engineer and later transitioned to business development and product marketing. He successfully introduced Red Hat Linux into several transnational companies. Prior to starting Treasure Data, Hiro worked at Mitsui Ventures, where he led several key software investments for the firm.