Webinar sum-up: Introducing the new Treasure Data Console

Webinar sum-up: Introducing the new Treasure Data Console

Recently, we released the latest Treasure Data Console as a public beta. We also produced a short webinar last week explaining the main goals of the new release. If you missed it, you can get a summary here.

Those main goals are:

Goal 1: Performance

Compared to when we began, we have a lot more users and data ingested. So, if you’ve seen the spinning wheel lately, it was because the old console simply wasn’t optimized for the large volume of data we have today. We’ve added two things to supercharge the performance:

React virtualized: Everything on the console front end is now built on React.js, with virtualized web components that allow long lists and tabular components to be rendered in the blink of an eye.

Redux search: Redux search searches collections of documents and returns results as an array of document ids. In order to avoid serializing the documents and passing them back and forth (and the performance hit that this causes), redux-search simply passes their ids.

Goal 2: Usability

Most day-to-day users of our console are data analysts, who are querying their data with the console to gain insights. With the old console, you sometimes needed to open a lot of tabs at the same time.

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In the new version, you can achieve many goals within the context of a single tab. For example, you can see a table preview within your query editor tab without needing to query first.

Connectors are another coming usability improvement. Instead of needing to configure .ymls manually (as with our old connectors) and run a series of CLI commands to import data, you can simply click the connector of your choice from console’s user interface. You’ll be prompted to enter any credentials and other information relevant to the data source within a simple graphic UI.


Want to see how it all works? The demo covers the following points (click each bullet text to go to that section):

Click on the try_new_version button at the top of your console to check out the new functionality and performance improvements.

And, if you’re trying us for the first time, why not try our service free for 14 days?

John Hammink
John Hammink
John Hammink is Chief Evangelist for Treasure Data. An 18-year veteran of the technology and startup scene, he enjoys travel to unusual places, as well as creating digital art and world music.