Feed Social Data into your Customer Experience Strategy

Feed Social Data into your Customer Experience Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing. As companies continue to scramble to shape and iterate their respective marketing strategies to promote a personalized customer experience, social media remains ingrained in the conversation.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often channels that many of us, including myself, interact with on a daily basis and open the gates for us to be exposed to thousands of digital ads promoting a new product, services, and at times social movements. While on a few occasions we are attracted to something of interest – perhaps the latest technology gadgets in the market – it is more often the case that we are annoyed to have to dismiss the “cookie browsing” alert at the top of the screen or exit out of an ad that has been poorly placed on a website.

This interaction between us, as users, and them, as vendors, is natural as individuals have preferences, behave differently, and even react to news in no standard way.

The question then remains, how can companies target us in a more organic way, that speaks to our preferences, behaviors, and overall human DNA? The answer is not ideal: there is no silver bullet.

However, data plays a key role between a good and a bad customer experience strategy. I am not alone in this feeling as marketers continue to deploy Treasure Data as their customer data platform of choice to ensure they can collect, analyze, and drive action based on their social insights.

This process begins with being able to capture the right data into a single source of truth; what is often referred to as a ‘data hub.’ Most recently, my team developed direct integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ease this integration pain and make data actionable.

Facebook and Instagram Insights

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While you can view all Facebook and Instagram insights directly within your Facebook Analytics dashboard, the reality is that this does not offer a 360 degree customer view.

Your users also live outside of social media. You have data coming from website traffic, an active pipeline inside your customer relationship management tool, and key performance metrics across all marketing automation/campaign management tools. All of these data sources need to be united into a single source of truth.

By being able to unify such data into a single view, you are able to better target your Facebook and Instagram audiences and offer a personalized customer experience.

Most notably, you are able to quickly iterate your customer strategy as you can schedule your social data insights to flow into Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform to have a clear view of who is engaging with your content, whether that is by liking your Facebook page or sharing your latest Instagram post.

Then Comes Twitter Custom Audiences

While I’ve focused around bringing data into a centralized location, the truth is, data does not stop there. Instead, it is the actions that are powered by data that prove to be meaningful.

Our integration with Twitter Custom Audiences is proof of this. While I’ve covered the ability to ingest data from social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram, we also help you fill the funnel with clean data.

No longer do you have to upload a clunky csv file into Twitter to create an audience and then run a campaign. Treasure Data’s enterprise Customer Data Platform now allows you to automate this step and instead focus around catering to your Twitter base with a personalized message.

If your Facebook influencers are also on Twitter, yet have not engaged with your latest tweets, it may be time to drive new behavior and maximize your brand’s social media presence.

I recently sat with a former co-worker who heads all marketing efforts at a series B start-up. I mentioned to her that I was writing a blog around how social data can help drive customer experience, of which marketing is key. Soon enough, we found ourselves deep in the trenches discussing how our integrations actually work, typical user stories, amongst other things.

She quickly turned and happily interrupted my spiel, “You are telling me I do not need to look at so many Excel sheets every day?” To which I responded, “No, you don’t.”

You don’t either! Give Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform a go and you will soon find yourself catering to a happy social media base.

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Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores
Rafael has spent the past decade scaling both product and post-sales teams from the ground up and into now two successful exits, the latest being Arm’s acquisition of Treasure Data. He is tasked with ensuring Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform remains integrated with MarTech 5000 third-party systems. With teams located around the globe, Rafa enjoys exploring new cities, local dining, as well as health & fitness. He has worked partly remote for the last 2 years.