Adobe Summit Recap: Customers! Customers! Customers!

Adobe Summit Recap: Customers! Customers! Customers!

With two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies leveraging Adobe Analytics for their onsite digital measurement strategy, Adobe is the clear market leader in this space for enterprise companies. This always makes the Adobe Summit a great place to spot trends on where the enterprise is headed.

Customer-centric data was the key theme at Adobe Summit 2018. From the announcement of the Adobe Customer Experience Cloud to the array of vendors who offer solutions complementing the Adobe Cloud, the message was loud and clear – enterprise companies need to understand the nuances of their customers and engage in a way that motivates them.

Omni-channel Velocity


Understanding customers at scale isn’t enough – today’s over-connected customers are expecting that enterprises are able to match their omni-channel velocity. That is, companies should already have in place technology to piece together a customer journey and their various touchpoints at the speed which the customer is executing them.

This requires that companies have flexibility around data ingestion and the ability to adjust business rules on the fly in order to meet the dynamic needs of their business units. Gone are the days when a strict data connection was made to a mainframe computer that fed into a complicated ETL – changes to any of which could be accomplished in years.

Now companies are required to be able to deploy new ingestion endpoints to collect the most recent and evolving data sources in order to stay current with their customers.

Luckily, creating a schema-less, scalable, secure and flexible customer data platform is what we at Treasure Data have been working on for years. We are excited to see our data-driven approach validated by our partners at Adobe and are excited to enable more marketing teams to better use their first party data with the Adobe System of Record.

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Data processing can no longer be an arcane process which is frozen in place for years at a time. Customers are not a homogenous group of individuals who use websites or apps the same way. Technology used by enterprise companies needs to be as flexible as possible to handle the different ways customers would like to interact with a brand.

Evolving Data Privacy

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is looming on the horizon as increasing data collection is happening at warp speed in the enterprise. GDPR provides regulations about how any corporation collects, uses and retains the data of EU citizens.

At Summit this was another key topic of conversation. Enterprise companies are working to be compliant with the GDPR statutes internally as well as with partners and vendors.

It is crucial to understand the fundamental sea change that will take place on May 25th when the GDPR statutes go into effect. Adobe had several sessions on point, including one where they demonstrated a GDPR API they have developed to help label sensitive data inside the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Download our Marketer’s Guide to GDPR here.

More Data, More Solutions

At any given point, every Adobe Summit participant was talking about the seemingly oppositional themes of more data, yet more privacy.

Attendees who had plans to address this, including the people and technology which would enable them to navigate these two themes are positioned to launch their organizations to the next level.

Michael D Healy
Michael D Healy
Michael is a Senior Solution Engineer at Treasure Data where he works with clients to provide improved customer interactions at enterprise scale. Michael previously built an award-winning, first-in-class analytics platform for the educational vertical. In his spare time he enjoys spending time outside with his family and collecting retro video games.