Rob Glickman to Marketers: You’re in the Customer Experience Business—And the Responsible Use of Data is Key

Rob Glickman to Marketers: You’re in the Customer Experience Business—And the Responsible Use of Data is Key

Last week, thousands descended on Silicon Valley to take part in the annual MarTech West Conference. Featuring an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and presenters, attendees spent three days networking, getting the scoop on the latest trends, and learning how to effectively integrate the latest technologies into marketing and business operations.

Data was the key theme throughout the conference, as marketers continue to wrestle with the exploding MarTech landscape, now at over 6,800 solutions. The Treasure Data team was on-hand interacting with customers, prospects, media and influencers around the topic of helping marketers delight their customers through the responsible use of data across the journey. And our very own Chief Marketing Officer Rob Glickman presented as part of the “Discover MarTech Theater” track.

In his spotlight performance, Rob covered the turbulent and largely unexplored ocean of data, imploding trust and what GDPR means for marketers. But perhaps his most central message was simple: Marketers need to remember they’re in the business of creating experiences—and customer data holds the key.

Getting Back to the “One”

According to Gartner, there will be 20 billion connected devices globally by 2020—all collecting data. And as time goes on that number will only continue to rise, creating a greater deluge of data and making it more difficult to get back to what Rob says really matters.

“The only number that matters is the number that has always mattered before any [devices] existed,” Rob explained. “One.

“The one person you’re trying to influence at any given time … the one decision your customer needs to make … or the one initiative that will make you more successful,” he continued. “We all want to get back to the one.”

And now more than ever, sifting through exploding data signals to get to the one decision you need to make can be the difference between success and failure.

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Of course, all that largely unexplored data—most of it sitting across or streaming into multiple systems—holds key insights to help marketers get back to their “one.” The ocean of data is a turbulent, unrelenting environment that serves to create confusion, not clarity. So the challenge is to pull actionable insights that create memorable, personalized experiences using the right data, at the right time, while not abusing consumer trust is the new imperative for marketers.

Why? Because yes, consumers want personalized, customized experiences that delight and engage, but not at any cost. And as Rob said: “You’re in the business of experience … and the respectful use of data creates great experiences.”

Connecting the Data Dots

We’re at a watershed moment as the tension between heightened trust and delivering ever more personalized experiences come to a head in 2018.

Get insights and tips to help you walk this fine line by checking out our new eBook, Connecting the Customer Data Dots: How Marketers Can Unlock Insights to Transform the Customer Experience. The piece features insights from data-driven marketers and customer experience experts Shep Hyken, Sameer Khan, Tamara McCleary, Ronald van Loon, Chris Penn and Bob Egan.

Check out Rob’s full presentation in this Facebook Live video.

Rob Glickman
Rob Glickman
Rob serves as Head of Marketing, Data Business at Arm. Previously, he was VP of audience marketing at SAP where he led a global team of marketers chartered with driving modern marketing demand generation programs. He brings nearly 20 years of marketing experience ranging from lean startups to large enterprises, including running product marketing for Symantec, eBay and PayPal, where he held various marketing leadership roles globally.