Digital Transformation: Five Retail Brief Master Classes for 2021

Digital Transformation: Five Retail Brief Master Classes for 2021

Digital Transformation: Five Retail Brief Master Classes for 2021

Digital transformation was more than a top trend last year—it was a survival tactic for many retailers, brands, and even CPG companies. Efforts continue across industries to adapt to a “new normal” defined by a global pandemic, shifting customer needs, and frequently changing local regulations.

Unlike in 2020, when the world was caught off guard by coronavirus, retailers and brands are starting 2021 with their eyes wide open and a few hard-earned lessons under their belts.

At Treasure Data, we’ve seen retailers shift focus and investment to:

  • Real-time personalization across all channels
  • Universal customer views for contact centers
  • In-store technology to impact path-to-purchase in real time
  • Demand sensing initiatives
  • Real-time retail analytics

Our new webinar series—Retail Brief—is designed specifically for retailers and brands and will help you and your team identify the most mission-critical initiatives for success in the year ahead. This five-episode series includes:

Let’s take a closer look at this line up.

From Contact Centers to Omnichannel Experience Hubs: Powered by Real-time Data

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Often overlooked, contact centers emerged in the last year as a critical engagement channel in the customer journey. To deliver a profitable, truly omnichannel customer experience, teams across organizations need real-time access to holistic customer data.

Join Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder of, and Treasure Data’s Thomas Kurian for this episode as they discuss:

  • Key trends driving the need for omnichannel experience hubs
  • Use cases enabled by accessible, holistic, real-time customer data
  • Opportunities for contact centers powered by Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Clienteling Do’s and Don’ts

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Clienteling Do and Do not

In this episode, we examine how real-time shopper data helps associates provide personalized service—even when shoppers aren’t in stores. You’ll learn the vital do’s and don’ts of clienteling, especially now that contact centers have emerged as a critical engagement channel in the customer journey.

Fuel Digital Transformation in Crisis Mode

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Fuel Digital Transformation in Crisis Mode

In the past, retailers have been frustrated with their inability to deliver superior customer experiences across digital and in-store channels. The pandemic has not only made those disconnects more obvious, but also required many retailers to rethink the role of the store.

Retailers are facing the challenge to radically accelerate in-store omnichannel experiences—an initiative requiring unified customer data.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How real-time customer insights help design holistic online-offline customer journeys
  • What a CDP is and how it supports omnichannel experience design
  • How a CDP supports efficient omnichannel fulfillment and personalized in-store service

Key Trends for Today’s Shopper

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Key Trends for Today Shopper

As retail transitions to recovery, questions about how consumers will shop in the future remain. Will shoppers continue to shop from home well into the future? Will click-and-collect and curbside pickup continue to be pivotal? Will trip planning become commonplace?

This episode explores RIS’ recent Evolving Shopper Trends special report, highlighting:

  • The key trends every retailer needs to know
  • What technologies have become must-haves in the new normal
  • How savvy retailers are leading from the front and setting the standard for success

We will discuss what retailers can do to leverage findings from the report, and explain where companies should invest to meet the wants and needs of fickle consumers.

How Companies like Sam’s Club Have Adapted to the New Normal

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How Companies like Sams Club Have Adapted to the New Normal

Join us for a fireside chat with the popular, membership-based warehouse retailer Sam’s Club. Treasure Data’s Thomas Kurian and Sam’s Club Associate Director of Brand Marketing Yvette Davis discuss their perspectives on customer data and digital transformation, including:

  • How Sam’s Club shifted focus at the start of the pandemic
  • Recommendations for what marketers should be working on—if they aren’t already
  • Potential challenges marketers may face as customer needs continue to evolve

Unified Customer Data: Retail’s Competitive Advantage

Learn how Treasure Data CDP helps retailers connect physical and digital data for a truly personalized, omnichannel experience. Find out more at Treasure Data Retail Solutions.

Jonathan Leigh
Jonathan Leigh
Jonathan heads up Treasure Data's event program in the Americas. He is proud to be part of the team at Treasure Data that successfully went digital during the COVID-19 crisis. Before that, he held direct sales and digital marketing roles in early stage startups and in his own conventional ventures. Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn!
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