Never Saw Yourself as a Support Engineer? How Treasure Data’s Unique Customer Focus Makes It a Position Where You’ll Thrive

Never Saw Yourself as a Support Engineer? How Treasure Data’s Unique Customer Focus Makes It a Position Where You’ll Thrive

Never Saw Yourself as a Support Engineer? How Treasure Data’s Unique Customer Focus Makes It a Position Where You’ll Thrive

Where’s the best place to be a support engineer? How about a company that has pioneered the use of customer data to help marketers create awesome personalized customer experiences (CX) that build profits and customer loyalty.

That might sound a little like “marketing-speak,” but Treasure Data really believes in being fanatically customer-centric. And because this belief is so deeply held throughout the company, being a support engineer here is radically unlike being a support engineer anywhere else.

The opportunities for technical and career growth are amazing. And because you support customers, you’re considered a key team member in all kinds of efforts considered critical to Treasure Data—and you’re treated with all the respect that such a role deserves.

My name is Ganesh Munusamy, and I’m a senior support engineer at Treasure Data. I joined Treasure Data in 2020. Before that, I had more than 5 years of experience as an enterprise product support engineer and another 2 years as a database administrator. Joining Treasure Data was not an easy decision. I was well established in my previous role, with in-depth product knowledge, and I was considered a product expert at my company. To leave a company that had a global customer base was tough. However, today I can say joining Treasure Data’s Support Engineering Team was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Let me tell you why.

Treasure Data support team operates much differently from other typical support teams. I was first attracted to Treasure Data for their straightforward platform, backed by cutting-edge Big Data SQL engines. But when I started working here, I realized that the number of components that make this platform so seamless is mindblowing, and touches an extremely wide cross-section of the technological innovation currently shaping our future.

What a Treasure Data Support Engineer Does

We address issues concerning customers through our support channels. Our team is spread out globally. Customers regularly praise the Support Team for the knowledge we possess and for quickly responding and resolving issues. Treasure Data is rated highly by our existing customers, and in most of the feedback, the Support Team receives the best ratings, second only to the product itself.

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Though customers are our primary focus, we act as the backbone to our customer success, solution engineering, and product teams for any issues they have in implementations. And we provide clarity about what our products can or cannot offer.

That’s because at Treasure Data, the support team has in-depth, end-to-end knowledge about our wide range of products. We also have the privilege of seeing many different, innovative use cases, which in turn expands our product knowledge even further, since we often work directly with customers. So we are always tagged by different teams within the organization to share our knowledge. The high visibility and strong sense of satisfaction we get in helping to solve engineering problems both combine to make being on the support team a constantly interesting and challenging position with the potential for long-term professional growth and advancement at Treasure Data. And the best thing is, it doesn’t stop there.

Treasure Data—as a fast-growing, cutting-edge data technology business—has a fleet of teams like customer success engineers, sales engineers, data engineers, and implementation specialists with a range of expertise in machine learning (ML) and AI. All of these teams work closely with customers to implement their use cases. And all of them rely on the Support Team to investigate roadblocks they face during implementations.

Projects vary from analyzing customer query performances, tuning, fixing errors in custom python script, resolving integration and API-related issues, and much more. Treasure Data supports hundreds of data connectors, which customers can use to import or export data. There are also REST APIs that are unique to Treasure Data, and Spark drivers we support to help customers meet their needs. And support is the one team that has a hand in working with all of these hot technologies. We serve as product experts, and we also help the engineering team as much as possible.

One of the most unusual aspects of working as a Treasure Data support engineer is that you can have direct interaction with our engineering team. No layers of bureaucracy and escalations, and no time wasted waiting! Our product engineering team is a fantastic group of engineers who are always ready to share knowledge and are always willing to jump on escalations, whenever and wherever we need them.

I’m always surprised how quickly our engineering team aligns with support to resolve all kinds of issues. Whether it’s a customer question or a request from teams within Treasure Data, our engineering team trusts the support team to handle the issue. Only when the support team requires more expertise, does the engineering team get involved. And when they do, they collaborate with us and engage right away—with no push back.

Treasure Data support engineers sometimes take on roles in other areas, such as operations, release management, maintenance communication, proactive issue guidance to customers, and documentation fixes, etc. We also get time to focus on projects that help the team and our own professional development. Some of our support engineers have even created tools that the team now uses to enhance day-to-day support tasks.

In all, ours is not a typical support role with typical responsibilities. It is indeed exciting to be part of a team that takes support so seriously and gives their engineers the freedom and encouragement to grow as much as they want.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity that’s right for you—or someone you know—we’d love to hear from you. Treasure Data is aggressively recruiting engineers, especially in support. If interested, you’re invited to apply.

Ganesh Munusamy
Ganesh Munusamy
Ganesh is a support specialist with expertise in Big Data technologies, ERP solutions, and business intelligence. He loves to solve problems and believes troubleshooting is an undervalued skill. He is also an ardent cricket fan and a sports enthusiast. His latest addiction is the NBA—Let’s go Raptors!
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