Partner Spotlight: Search Discovery on Breaking Down Data Silos

Partner Spotlight: Search Discovery on Breaking Down Data Silos

Partner Spotlight: Search Discovery on Breaking Down Data Silos

This week, we are talking to Search Discovery’s James Koenig. Search Discovery is a data transformation company that helps organizations use their data to drive measurable business impact. As the Data and Cloud Engineering Practice Lead, James Koenig specializes in data strategy, systems integration, and business intelligence platforms.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

James Koenig: Companies are continually trying to be more efficient and insightful with their marketing programs. At Search Discovery, we believe there are two main challenges in the way of that pursuit; siloed data sources and an incomplete view of customers. We help companies bring together all user data into a common location and create meaningful segmentation through Treasure Data. This allows for hyper-focused targeting to reach customers with the right message at the right time while keeping budgets in check.

Treasure Data: How do you see Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) playing a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

James Koenig:
CDPs represent a company’s continual focus on customers. They provide deeper insights into a customer profile and build personalized communication plans. Additionally, CDPs offer the ability to perform data science analysis like propensity scoring, attribution, and many other advanced analytic use cases.


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Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside your company’s offerings?

James Koenig: Search Discovery services include web analytics, paid media, data engineering, business intelligence, data science, and optimization. The culmination of all those services into a single platform is the definition of a CDP. Treasure Data helps us bring together all aspects of the customer journey into a centralized platform for smarter analytics and personalization. Our teams work in an integrated fashion to maximize the potential of data to transform business.

With Treasure Data and Search Discovery, brands are able to capture all the most important data points, gain insight along the customer journey for each visitor, and optimize their marketing and advertising efforts for the best customer experience.

About Search Discovery
Search Discovery is a data transformation company that helps organizations use their data with purpose to drive measurable business impact. Search Discovery’s services and solutions help global organizations at every stage of data transformation, including strategy, implementation, optimization, and organizational change management. In addition, Search Discovery helps organizations across industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, manufacturing, professional services, travel, media, entertainment, and technology. For more information, visit

About James Koenig
James is a leader in the analytics industry specializing in data strategy, systems integration and business intelligence platforms. He leads a large, multi-disciplinary practice in building data and analytics solutions for companies across a variety of use cases. Also has extensive experience partnering with industry-leading technology vendors and driving GTM solutions

Bill Woo
Bill Woo
Director of Business Development Bill Woo leads channel sales and strategic partnership activities at Treasure Data. With over 20 years of successful global enterprise sales and business development experience, Bill works with key partners to deliver the best Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution to the customer.
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