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Introducing the Most Advanced Enterprise Segmentation Tool—with Enhanced Security & Privacy

Introducing the Most Advanced Enterprise Segmentation Tool—with Enhanced Security & Privacy

Introducing the Most Advanced Enterprise Segmentation Tool—with Enhanced Security & Privacy

Audience Studio is Treasure Data’s tool for marketers to segment audiences, run campaigns, and analyze campaigns. We have overhauled the user interface (UI) to be more intuitive and interactive, and introduced new, powerful features such as console localization in Japanese and A/B test group creation that will improve marketers’ experience in our console. We’ve also enhanced our governance and security features to help global marketing teams organize customer data and block access to personal identifiable information (PII) as needed.

Today, we’re thrilled to be able to answer our customers’ call for all of that and much more, including enhanced governance and security features that will help global marketing teams meet the rising demands for personalization matched with privacy.

Why? When we spoke with customers about the previous version of Audience Studio, they said that while the functionality was good, they needed the dashboard to be more intuitive and they wanted more features like A/B test group creation and language localization.

Early customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I am so excited for the latest release of Audience Studio! The new rules tab and editor are my favorite! We can now see the criteria for the segment immediately, and easily define advanced segment criteria. These improvements make Treasure Data even more user-friendly and powerful for all types of techy and business users. The activations tab provides a better view of all your activations and their status, and the activation editor’s new look-and-feel is much more readable. I love all the improvements Treasure Data continues to provide!” —Angelica De Leon, a Database Administrator at Stanley, Black & Decker

The new and improved Audience Studio includes an easier user experience, more privacy features, and some general updates that our customers requested. You can watch this video for details on the new features and how to use them or read a summary of the updates below.

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  • Access Control by Project Entity: Marketers can now easily use audience entities (e.g., batch segments, funnels, etc.) at scale for multiple teams while maintaining proper access control for the project. Companies can onboard agencies and new users (marketers) quickly with the access needed to perform their jobs, while preventing unauthorized access to audience entities that could jeopardize on-going marketing operations.
  • Nested Folders and PII Blocking: You can now organize customer data across multiple brands, regions, countries, and agencies. Fine-tuned controls over access and PII allow you to assign access and visibility by user, and you can also block visibility of PII when needed. This enables large scale access to customer data by brand, channel, marketing ops teams, and agencies that is secure and compliant with privacy regulations.

Figure 1: Example of nested folders with different permissionsFigure 1: Example of nested folders with different permissions

Figure 2: First and last name hashed out here to protect identified PIIFigure 2: First and last name hashed out here to protect identified PII

  • Intuitive and Powerful Segment Editor: Audience Studio’s segment editor has been completely overhauled, so it’s much simpler for marketers to craft the queries needed to create segments. Marketers can also create more refined segments with more complex logic. The user interface has been updated with basic drag-and-drop functionality for non-technical marketers.

Figure 3: Dragging in an attribute to set up a segmentFigure 3: Dragging in an attribute to set up a segment

  • Intuitive User Interface: Audience Studio now has embedded analytics for each entity, so you can quickly gauge performance without leaving Audience Studio.
  • Time-based Filters: Now available out-of-the-box, marketers can leverage time-based filters without a difficult implementation.
  • A/B Testing: Audience Studio now lets you create A/B test groups from a segment while maintaining a control group.

Figure 4: Setting up an A/B test in Audience StudioFigure 4: Setting up an A/B test in Audience Studio

  • Predictive Scoring: Improvements to predictive scoring makes it easier for marketers to leverage machine learning in Audience Studio without deep knowledge of data science.
  • Japanese Language Support: Audience Studio’s language support has been broadened to include Japanese.

Figure 5: Audience Studio fully supports JapaneseFigure 5: Audience Studio fully supports Japanese

We want to sincerely thank our customers for their feedback as we strive to create the best customer data platform. Please continue highlighting areas where we can improve!

For more about these new Audience Studio features and how to use them, check out this video.

Yili Huang
Yili Huang
Yili Huang is a senior product manager at Treasure Data. She manages the product roadmap and features for Audience Studio, including customer journey orchestration.
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