Gaining Customer Insights During Covid to Optimize Customer Experiences

Gaining Customer Insights During Covid to Optimize Customer Experiences

Gain Customers Insights During Covid
Retail customer data can be found across multiple digital and online channels. Retail executives interviewed in the “Unified Data Operations and the Customer Experience in 2022” survey said they are already leveraging data from digital properties (85%), customer service (67%), and e-commerce transactions (65%). However, other sources of customer data such as sentiment and loyalty data are not being tapped as much. With key touchpoints and real-time data, retailers can make the most of the online migration and gather consumer insights during Covid and beyond.

Key Touchpoints for Customer Insights During Covid

Consumers will continue to rely on e-commerce for convenience and access to basic necessities such as food, medicine, and consumer packaged goods. This reliance is reinforced by shifting health protocols such as vaccine checkpoints and travel restrictions. Health concerns and supply shortages due to Covid-19 surges will continue to drive consumers to purchase online as opposed to shopping in-store.

This is true even for luxury retailers whose loyal customers prize high-touch, engaged shopping experiences. Unable to reach clients restricted at home, luxury retailers have been forced to migrate online. Positive customer response and behavior have encouraged many luxury brands to recreate high-end shopping experiences online.

In a similar way, retailers and CPG companies can gather and analyze customer data to drive sales and revenue. See the table below for key touchpoints for customer insights during Covid:

Touchpoint Description Examples of Customer Data Generated
Mobile App Mobile apps are used for engagement, e-commerce, marketing, loyalty programs, rewards, and payment among others.
  • Interaction with special offers, discounts, etc.
  • Monthly/weekly/daily usage
  • Duration of usage
Online Website Websites act as landing pages, online stores, and account platforms for customers.
  • Consumption of content (blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Actions taken and/or completed
  • Engagement with live chat
Social Media Primary social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok among others. Brands use not only their dedicated pages but also influencers to engage with customers.
  • Likes and/or reactions
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Posts
Physical Stores Brick-and-mortar locations are transforming into tech-enabled stores with geolocation and geofencing capabilities. Pop-up stores offering incentives through digital engagement (posting photos of purchase, liking and sharing brand page, etc.) also offer a hybrid experience to retail and CPG customers.
  • Footprint
  • Frequency of visit
  • Receptivity to promos, sales, discounts, etc.
  • Interaction with customer service

These key touchpoints offer tons of customer data which can be used for behavioral analysis. Behavioral analysis makes sense of customer data gathered from multiple channels and segments them into archetype personas that represent key characteristics of a company’s client base. The collective behavior and response of these personas at critical stages of the customer journey are observed and used to clarify pain points, improving customer experience and ultimately driving revenue.

Customer Insights in Real-Time: Lion Case Study

Omnichannel touchpoints like the ones outlined above work best in orchestrated harmony. Otherwise, data from different segments fall into disparate silos and undermine effectiveness. This is what CPG giant Lion Corporation discovered when it sought to understand how its customers changed their behavior in response to Covid-19.

Prior to Covid-19, the company used surveys and interviews to extract insights from its shoppers. When consumers shifted to online shopping, Lion began collecting customer data including search keywords, spending trends, purchases, frequent places visited, and others. The company then worked with a customer data platform to extract relevant information from multiple channels and unify them into a clear picture of its target audience. With this approach, Lion identified three main audience segments and used consumer insights to tailor customer journeys that offered higher experience value.

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Lion Corporation’s Toru Hiruma reflected, “Fragmentary data on its own cannot capture deep consumer insights. But by combining them and repeating a variety of analytical trials and errors…we can derive lifestyle behaviors, customer journeys, and target strategies that can be used in brand communication.” See the full Lion case study here.

Optimize the Customer Experience with Real-Time Data

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt normal routine and activity, retailers need to continually be in tune with consumers and their journey. Leveraging key omnichannel touchpoints for customer data can help companies identify and anticipate consumer behavior. Partnering with a customer data platform also helps connect and analyze multiple data streams in real-time to deliver a tailored customer experience and drive sales.

Treasure Data’s proprietary customer data platform (CDP) uses multi-channel capabilities to connect data in real-time and create a valued shopping experience. We do this by connecting all data into one smart customer data platform, uniting teams and systems to power purposeful engagements that drive value and protect privacy for every customer, every time.

To learn how to leverage data to improve your customer experience, consult an expert today. Want to learn more? Request a demo, call 1.866.899.5386, or contact us for more information.

Kellie de Leon
Kellie de Leon
Kellie de Leon is the Senior Director of Content Marketing at Treasure Data. She is a marketer, writer, and speaker who is passionate about delivering relevant and valuable experiences for customers throughout the buyer’s journey to drive business growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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