Top Customer Journey Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Top Customer Journey Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

CDPs help brands drive growth by orchestrating customer journey lead generation.

The relationship between the customer journey and lead generation is central to driving business growth. Understanding your audience’s path to purchase can mean the difference between loyalty and lost opportunity. Let’s look at the ways businesses can turn leads into conversions that foster growth.

Customer Journey Lead Generation

There is no map written in stone for lead generation. But most marketers would agree that it begins with interest, progresses with engagement, and ends either in conversion or rejection. After a successful conversion, the next goal is to retain customer loyalty and prevent churn.

Customer Journey Lead Generation

Within the context of individual businesses, this progression depends on the channels and touchpoints comprising their customer journeys. While e-commerce players may operate in a purely digital landscape, many brick-and-mortar businesses opt for a hybrid approach. With all the hundreds of touchpoints available today, it’s safe to say that no two brands can claim to have identical customer journeys.

This potential for infinite individualization underscores the need for a clear overview of your brand’s unique customer journey. A customer journey map reveals critical moments and interactions that ultimately contribute to the final outcome. Below are some of the top tips and tricks to help businesses orchestrate a lead’s customer journey toward conversion.

Attraction Profile Unification

Also known as the awareness stage, the attraction phase is characterized by a lead’s heightened interest in a particular product or service. They may show interest by browsing a brand website, visiting a physical store, or sampling a product.

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Brands can seize this moment and take steps to learn more about leads as they begin their journey. A customer data platform (CDP) can help by collecting data during initial interactions like a web visit or social media engagement and help you navigate consent management. A CDP can then build a comprehensive profile of the lead using first-party and secondary information.

After establishing a robust customer profile, a CDP continues to enrich it with updates based on the customer’s actions. Profile unification during this initial phase sets the stage for more targeted actions further along the customer journey.

Engagement Audience Segmentation

If a new lead likes what they see, they usually move on from the attraction phase to engage with the brand. This step can involve actions like signing up for a program, subscribing to a channel, or other forms of pre-purchase commitment. If a brand has a good understanding of their leads based on profile unification, they can begin to fine-tune marketing efforts.

A customer data platform improves engagement by dynamically segmenting leads into audiences with similar characteristics. This step focuses the marketing actions that target a particular group based on their interest and stage in the funnel. For example, a lead who has just signed up for an email newsletter may be more responsive to relevant product offers instead of targeted loyalty rewards. Using specific actions to engage specific audience groups makes successful conversions more likely.

Conversion Customer Journey Orchestration

Sometimes leads don’t convert easily, even after committing to a brand. Price is usually a significant factor in determining how long a lead takes to convert—the higher the price of a product/service, the longer the conversion process. Here again, a CDP can play a critical role by providing customers what they need in order to convert.

For example, if a person has subscribed to a brand’s social media channel but still hasn’t made a purchase, they can redeem an in-store discount that appears on their mobile device once inside the physical store. Or a customer support agent might be prompted to reach out and address any lingering concerns before the customer commits to a purchase. A CDP orchestrates these actions across sales, marketing, and support teams powered by a continuously updated customer data foundation. Coupled with customer insights and intelligent recommendations, brands can use a CDP’s capabilities to encourage leads toward conversion at every step and touchpoint.

Retention Personalization

Once a lead converts, businesses can leverage a CDP to build a lifetime relationship. Personalization makes people feel special and plays a big part in creating customer delight. Brands can reward loyal customers through customized outreach such as personalized email, birthday or anniversary greetings, exclusive offers, and personal follow-up/support. In the same way, brands can harness a CDP’s capabilities to catch early signs of churn and take preventive steps to increase lifetime value.

In summary, simply understanding customer journeys is no longer enough to sustain—and increase—lead generation. Shaping customer journeys via orchestration is a must for converting new leads into loyal customers. A customer data platform’s capabilities—like profile unification, audience segmentation, personalization, and journey orchestration—empower brands to convert more leads and drive growth.

Take Control of Customer Journeys and Lead Generation

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Kellie de Leon
Kellie de Leon
Kellie de Leon is the Senior Director of Content Marketing at Treasure Data. She is a marketer, writer, and speaker who is passionate about delivering relevant and valuable experiences for customers throughout the buyer’s journey to drive business growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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