Introducing Live Connect: Zero copy for the enterprise

Treasure Data Live Connect with Zero Copy: Efficient Data Movement for the Enterprise

Treasure Data Live Connect: The Enterprise Zero-Copy Solution

Enterprise organizations are under more pressure than ever to cut costs, maximize revenue growth, and better engage with customers with effective marketing campaigns.

But with dozens if not hundreds of tools in any given marketing stack to support CX initiatives, the movement of data across these systems – and specifically into and out of the data warehouse or lakehouse – can introduce technical risks, costs, and inefficiencies.

Understanding composable CDPs and zero-copy approaches

The concept of composability came on the CDP scene to help IT organizations enable some CDP capabilities on top of a data warehouse. As composability evolved, different architectures emerged to try to minimize copying, but in every case, they all copy some data into new tables, and create new tables, in order to enable CDP use cases. The only difference among the various composable CDPs is where this work takes place.

  • Data warehouse “bolt-on CDPs” do the work in the data warehouse storage
  • “Query push-down CDPs” do the work in their own temporary memory
  • “Hybrid CDPs” do the work in a combination of their own storage and temporary memory

In each case, data is being copied. What’s different is whose storage, memory, compute, and governance is being utilized. All these methods are dependent in full or in part on the data warehouse performance. And during peak usage, any performance degradation could immediately impact CDP users’ productivity. This is an important detail that large companies activating massive volumes of data for customer-facing applications should consider. 

It’s also worth noting that any of the above architectures do not support real-time decisioning or unified real-time and batch use cases, and we advise that enterprises take this into account when evaluating what CDP is right for them, as well.  To us, in today’s always-connected world, real-time is not just a nice-to-have feature. It is the difference between large and marginal conversion lifts, revenue increases, repeat customers, etc.

Without real time, no CDP can live up to its promise of orchestrating true hyper-personalization. This is why we have heavily invested in real-time and are the only company that can unify batch and real-time data together in a single profile and journey. But there is a role for zero copy, and an important one. Just not zero copy all by itself. 

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Introducing Live Connect, the enterprise zero-copy solution

Introducing Live Connect, the enterprise zero-copy solution

Enterprises need more versatility, flexibility, and cost efficiency when it comes to data storage, management and movement, no question. And IT teams need more options for managing data between their data warehouse and CDP. 

Zero copy can be a useful way to help achieve these goals. But, to satisfy enterprise use cases that support the wide range of customer experiences across the entire customer lifecycle, at global scale, zero copy alone will not be enough. 

And because we are focused on the sophisticated and complex needs of the enterprise, Treasure Data is announcing Live Connect, a zero-copy feature within Treasure Data CDP that is purpose built for the rigorous and unique demands of today’s largest companies. Live Connect simplifies data movement between your data warehouse and Treasure Data CDP, and has a “best of both worlds” approach to leveraging zero copy, while also improving the efficiency of copying when it is necessary.

Live Connect includes two core capabilities:

  • Zero Copy: Access, activate, and share data stored in your data warehouse with Treasure Data’s CDP with no persistent copy and no ETL.
  • Easy Sync: Copy multiple tables from your data warehouse into Treasure Data seamlessly.

Zero Copy UI

With this solution, enterprise IT teams:

  • Gain more options for data movement while controlling costs
  • Streamline security governance and control
  • Reduce operational overhead of data movement

Marketing teams can quickly utilize data from a data warehouse, expanding the datasets available in Treasure Data CDP for richer audience segmentation and activation.

Treasure Data Live Connect goes beyond zero-copy integration. It enables hybrid data warehouse integration while maintaining a separation of marketing and IT data with joint governance. We believe this is the best architecture for our customers and uniquely meets the needs of large, global organizations. 

Bring the power of zero copy and Treasure Data CDP together

Treasure Data Live Connect is designed to work with all major data warehouses. To learn more, contact Treasure Data today, and stay tuned for more announcements.

Karen Wood
Karen Wood
Karen Wood is Head of Product Marketing at Treasure Data. Karen has been a leader in the customer data platform, data, and analytics space for 15 years, working closely with enterprise marketing and IT leaders as they solve customer experience and analytical challenges with data and AI. With deep B2B SaaS experience leading product marketing and enabling GTM teams, Karen brings people together to tackle big problems and fuel organizational growth.
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