Exostatic and Treasure Data Bring Innovation to Data Driven Companies

Exostatic and Treasure Data Bring Innovation to Data Driven Companies

Montreal, Canada and Mountain View, CA – June 29, 2017Exostatic, a leading data driven consultancy and Treasure Data, the leading Live Customer Data Platform, announced its successful partnership enabling companies to understand their users and drive personalized experiences through a modern, data driven solution. The Exostatic and Treasure Data solution provides organizations with full visibility into each customer touchpoint to drive greater ROI for the organization and a better overall experience for the end customer.

Exostatic and Treasure Data have already enabled numerous companies drive personalized experiences through:

  • Data Instrumentation & Unification: Identify and connect all relevant customer data sources and unify all information into a central location
  • Data Integrity: QA testing validation process to ensure the data is accurate and consistent
  • Analysis: Segmentation, Clustering, Predictive Forecasting, KPI Reporting

With numerous joint customers including Mattel and Survios, the #1 Virtual Reality game publishers Exostatic and Treasure Data have a growing number of enthusiastic customers.

“I have now used the services of Exostatic in two separate companies and I couldn’t be happier with their work”, said Robert Nashak, Chief Operating Officer at Survios. “At Survios, they not only help us capture, analyze and extract value from our data, but they help us plan our overall data strategy. The team is responsive and they work fast. I highly recommend them.”

“We’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of different data solutions over the years and we now recommend Treasure Data to all our clients,” said Nicolas Nadeau, President of Exostatic. “They provide us with the tools & power to get the results our clients need”

“Exostatic has done a great job driving business solutions on top of Treasure Data,” said Ian Knight, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Treasure Data. “They are forward thinkers with whom we have a number of satisfied joint clients.”

Treasure Data, Exostatic and Survios will be hosting a joint webinar on “Why your VR game is virtually useless without data” on July 19, 2017. To learn more, please register for the webinar by clicking here.

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Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee leads Partnerships and Fluentd Enterprise Edition at Treasure Data. A reformed VC, Stephen spends his free time drinking wine and cheering his California Golden Bears.