Expert Insights on Five Marketing Trends You Need to Know Now

The Future of Martech is Data Driven

What’s the most underused asset in most marketing organizations? Astonishingly, it’s their data, according to consultant and e-commerce expert, Tim Peter.

“The biggest challenge I’ve seen is that marketers struggle connecting their data directly to customer actions,” says Peter.

Yes, despite the terabytes of data and arsenals full of martech (you may have close to a hundred marketing platforms and tools), you aren’t alone if you struggle to get all that data from all that technology working together for one common goal—to help you, the marketer, create more meaningful connections with your audience.

“The ability to integrate data from multiple sources to create a ‘master view’ of everything happening across marketing activities is a Holy Grail for most companies,” says Tom Pick, an independent B2B digital marketing consultant.

Data—how you collect, sanitize, analyze and use it—will guide your efforts (if it doesn’t already) to efficiently and effectively connect with your audience and exceed your marketing goals.

We identified five martech trends that will define marketing’s future. Then we asked 11 top marketing experts to share their thoughts. We got some surprising, insightful answers.

The result: Five Martech Trends that Will Define Marketing’s Future: How to Prepare Your Martech Stack for Data Transformation.

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In it, experts discuss where to focus your resources to provide highly personalized marketing experiences for customers—without compromising their right to privacy.

  • One-to-One Personalization: What should you turn over to the machines, and how do you “keep it human enough” for customers?
  • Seamless Omnichannel Experiences: Two must-have martech tools, and why Google Analytics isn’t enough.
  • Smarter Use of Analytics: What’s missing in most tools, why integration is a must, and two ways to get what you need for better decisions.
  • Maintaining Trust with Security and Privacy: Are new privacy and security threats in conflict with data-driven marketing?
  • Turning Siloed Data into a Single Source of Truth: How to quit guessing and know.

As Sam Hurley, Managing Director of OPTIM-EYEZ, puts it, “Instead of second-guessing what customers want, the data speaks for itself.”

Martech Leaders in Action

In Five Martech Trends that Will Define Marketing’s Future, you’ll hear from the following strategists, specialists, CMOs and CEOs:

Michael Brenner CEO, Marketing Insider Group
Tim Peter Founder & President, Tim Peter & Associates
Mark Booth Head of Adobe Experience Cloud Social Media, Adobe
Sam Hurley Managing Director, OPTIM-EYEZ
Kevin Hillstrom President, MineThatData
Scott Brinker VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot
Robert Burns Managing Partner and Digital Marketing Strategist, gnooko digital
Juliette Rizkallah Chief Marketing Officer, SailPoint Technologies
David Raab Founder, CDP Institute
Rishi Dave Chief Marketing Officer, Vonage
Tom Pick Independent B2B Digital Marketing Consultant, Webbiquity

“Leveling up shouldn’t be a one-time event. Your company is an ecosystem that should be continually evolving, adapting, and changing with the market and with your customers’ needs,” says Robert Burns, managing partner and digital marketing strategist at gnooko digital.

For more insight from today’s martech experts, download Five Martech Trends that Will Define Marketing’s Future.

Five Martech Trends You Need to Know Now

Tom Treanor
Tom Treanor
Tom Treanor was head of marketing at Treasure Data. He focuses on marketing, martech, CDPs, and digital marketing. Follow him on Twitter @RtMixMktg.
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