Webinar: See for Yourself How Forrester Consulting Calculated an 802% ROI on Our CDP

Webinar: See for Yourself How Forrester Consulting Calculated an 802% ROI on Our CDP

Even if you’re a decision maker who’s used to hearing a lot of plucky pitches, an 802% ROI on a customer data platform (CDP) is a pretty audacious claim. You’d be right to scrutinize the calculations very, very carefully.

Quantifying the costs and added profitability of your martech stack is always a tough endeavor, and many marketing organizations struggle even more when analyzing the worth of trending technology. Lots of folks ultimately end up “trusting their gut,” sometimes resulting in a costly last-minute decision.   

But if our audacious claim is true, it’s extremely attractive—and presents an opportunity you would not want to miss. What could you do with an ROI like that? 

In our upcoming webinar, Forrester Consulting will explain exactly how they arrived at some amazing numbers for the effectiveness and profitability of Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform in the recently released Total Economic Impact™ study.

The webinar, set for 10 a.m. PST on Wednesday, Nov. 13, will feature Sean Owens, Principal TEI Consultant at Forrester Consulting, and Tamara Shor, Director of Product Strategy at Treasure Data, as they discuss the 22-page study, The Total Economic Impact™ of Treasure Data1. They’ll explain in detail how they arrived at their calculations, and how you can adapt their methods to estimate your own likely CDP ROI. 

They will also share key findings from the Forrester TEI study, including:

  • The three-year, risk-adjusted impact of a CDP—resulting in $12.6M net present value (NPV)
  • Higher customer lifetime value (CLV) due to personalized customer experiences
  • Increased attraction of new customers from better targeting and segmentation
  • PLUS, how to estimate your own CDP ROI using Forrester’s ROI calculation technique

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You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear first hand the details of Forrester Consulting’s calculations. You’ll get to see how the benefits from better personalization, customer experiences, targeting and segmentation hit the bottom line and easily overwhelm the relatively small costs incurred. Register for our webinar today—and see for yourself what a good decision a CDP could be for your business.

1 The Total Economic Impact™ of Treasure Data, an October 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Treasure Data

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JC Quiambao
JC Quiambao
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