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First Time a CDP Wins ‘Best Marketing Solution’ CODiE Award: What That Means

First Time a CDP Wins ‘Best Marketing Solution’ CODiE Award: What That Means

News Highlights:

  • Treasure Data enterprise CDP with Treasure Boxes has won the 2020 “Best Marketing Solution” CODiE Award from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA).
  • It’s the first time a Customer Data Platform (CDP) has ever won the category, signaling growing awareness of the importance of CDPs in improving marketing ROI, new customer acquisition, and personalized customer journeys.
  • The win follows a string of recent awards and recognition, including Frost & Sullivan’s selection of Treasure Data as “Global Company of the Year, CDPs.”

In news that may signal the growing importance of real-time data and analytics in enterprises worldwide, Treasure Data enterprise CDP with Treasure Boxes has won the 2020 “Best Marketing Solution” CODiE Award from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries.

First-time Win for ANY CDP

It’s the first time an enterprise CDP has won the “Best Marketing Solution” award category, an indication that CDPs and customer data insights are becoming increasingly central in martech stacks of global enterprises. The power and flexibility of CDP has made it a popular choice across diverse industries, including entertainment, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), automobile, finance, and beverages. SIIA defines the “Best Marketing Solution” category as, “The best solution that enables companies to plan, target, market, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns promoting products and services to consumers and/or businesses online, off-line and via mobile devices.”

Some of the reasons for the win center around the product’s outstanding marketing features. Judges said they were impressed with Treasure Data CDP’s “very simple yet powerful interface,” its predictive analytics and BI capabilities, and the “many ways of viewing and using customer data.” The judges also lauded the cloud-based CDP as “well crafted, with attention to details.”

Award a Sign of Growing CDP Popularity in Global Enterprises

The judges’ comments also suggest the power of CDP software as a strategic tool for leveraging all kinds of data is becoming more widely appreciated. The judges described the Treasure Data enterprise CDP with Treasure Boxes as a “powerful tool that provides deep visibility and actionable data,” indicating they understand the force of Big Data in digital transformation of both marketing and enterprise management.

A major reason for the increasing popularity of CDPs in today’s enterprises revolves around the urgency of brands to deeply understand customers and their often rapidly shifting behavior. Knowing customers well can improve results across marketing and sales, increasing revenues and helping marketers meet their organizations’ strategic goals. For example Linden Lab, creator of “Second Life,” used Treasure Data CDP with Treasure Boxes to improve marketing results across the board.

“The efficiencies enabled by the Treasure Data platform allow us to run more and better campaigns, do more testing, leverage our most valuable marketing channels to their full potential, and connect more deeply and personally with our users—all of the high-impact marketing activities that just weren’t possible before,” says Darren Helton, senior marketing manager for Second Life at Linden Lab.

As CDPs get better at using the customer profiles they create as input and controls for other martech tools—a process known as “marketing orchestration,” enterprises are increasingly looking at CDPs to help manage global administration of customer data, including streamlining the process of privacy compliance. Due to this the CDP industry continues to grow at a rapid pace.

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Companies such as AB InBev find Treasure Data’s new security and privacy control features—such as Identity Federation capabilities for single sign-on (SSO)—particularly helpful in using customer data to run their global organization.

“At AB InBev, we take a global approach to direct-to-consumer marketing and need to ensure that we are not duplicating marketing efforts across our many brands,” said Lucas Borges, senior manager, consumer data strategy at AB InBev.

“The Treasure Data CDP has enabled us to securely unify our customer data and build complete profiles. The new security and administration features will ensure the right people have access while maintaining customer privacy and security,” he says.

Accolade Caps a String of CDP Awards and Recognition

The CODiE Award follows a string of awards and recognition, including Frost & Sullivan’s selection of Treasure Data last quarter for “The Global Company of the Year, CDPs.” In addition, the company won a ClickZ Martech Award for “Best CDP” in 2019. See also Treasure Data CDP Forrester Wave Strong Performer for Customer Analytics Technologies.

SIIA says the CODiE Awards are the industry’s only peer-reviewed awards program. The first-round review of all nominees, including “Best Marketing Solution,” is conducted by software and business technology experts with considerable industry expertise, including analysts, media, bloggers, bankers, and investors. The scores from the expert judge review determine the finalists. SIIA members then vote on the finalists, and the scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners. A total of 43 awards were given this year during the online awards ceremony. For more information about the 2020 CODiE Awards, visit SIIA.

Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton is a former editorial director at IDG and former senior editor for InfoWorld and InformationWeek. She has written extensively about enterprise IT, business and environmental topics, and now serves as a senior marketing content manager for Treasure Data. She holds an MBA from Santa Clara, an Applied Math undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, and an MA in journalism from Mizzou. She also enjoys being a Toastmaster.
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