Is Your Data Privacy Compliance Missing a Critical Customer Data Element?

Is Your Data Privacy Compliance Missing a Critical Customer Data Element?

It might seem like a data privacy paradox: The same technology marketers use to create monetizable, unified customer data profiles for targeting, segmentation, and customer personalization is the same technology key to efficient data privacy compliance. That’s the message of David Raab, founder and director of the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDP Institute), in a provocative new privacy white paper and webinar.

CDP Institute Explains 6 Ways CDPs Assist with Privacy Compliance CDP Institute Explains 6 Ways CDPs Assist with Privacy Compliance Read report Webinar On demand webinar: Powering Privacy Compliance with a CDP Watch here

In a far-ranging discussion about data security, permissions management, and data inventory issues, Raab examines how customer data platforms (CDPs) can be used with other technologies to manage customer data privacy—and maintain the trust of customers who increasingly expect companies to both protect their data privacy and use their data to personalize and customize their customer experiences (CX).

“As repeated data breaches and scandals have brought new attention to data collection, growing public awareness has changed personal behavior and prompted regulatory action such as the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act,” writes Raab.

“And these regulations will undoubtedly drive nationwide attention as more legal action is taken to enforce them. The era of privacy legislation is only just beginning,” he adds.

CDPs, says Raab, are central to tracking data, permissions, and compliance requirements and records, for the terabytes and petabytes that have become the lifeblood of modern commerce. Among the implications of Raab’s talk: The era of the CDP is just beginning, both as a commerce engine and an essential element of data privacy compliance.

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“CDPs are a foundational privacy compliance technology,” is a key message of both the paper and the webinar. To see how a CDP might be used as a critical part of your data privacy infrastructure, check out the recorded webinar or the white paper, available compliments of Treasure Data.

Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton is a former editorial director at IDG and former senior editor for InfoWorld and InformationWeek. She has written extensively about enterprise IT, business and environmental topics, and now serves as a senior marketing content manager for Treasure Data. She holds an MBA from Santa Clara, an Applied Math undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, and an MA in journalism from Mizzou. She also enjoys being a Toastmaster.
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