CDP Academy: Customer Data Resources for Every Marketer

CDP Academy: Learn New Customer Data Marketing Strategies and Skills—Fast!

Marketers today have no shortage of data streams—websites, ecommerce platforms, social media, digital ads, customer service and support, CRMs, DSPs, and more—providing valuable information about customers. But many companies still struggle to turn that information into actionable insights.

To help marketers learn to fully leverage their customer data, Treasure Data has opened the CDP Academy. This complimentary site covers a variety of topics, from building unified customer profiles to creating hyper-personalized campaigns with meaningful targeting and segmentation.

Smart marketers know it’s not enough to have data buried in various platforms across an organization. You need the capacity to collect, organize, unify, analyze, and activate the data. Without the ability to turn data into insight and insight into action, all you have is fragmented information in a bunch of different databases.

The CDP Academy is dedicated to the proposition that the right customer data platform (CDP), combined with the right strategy and process, can help you fully extract the value from your customer data. It also demonstrates how a CDP isn’t a single-purpose tool—it’s an entire toolbox. It can seem daunting to pick the CDP that best fits your business, to say nothing of using it to its full potential.

To help marketers get the most from their CDP, regardless of where they are on their journey, we have developed an important new resource: The CDP Academy.

CDP Academy: Learn New Customer Data Marketing Strategies and Skills—Fast!

Level Up Your Customer Data Skills with the CDP Academy

The CDP Academy is a resource for any marketer who is interested in understanding how a variety of industries—auto, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), gaming and entertainment—are using customer data for more effective marketing. Whether you’re already using a CDP and want to level up, still pondering whether you need one, or anywhere in between, you’ll find something of value here.

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The Academy features five course modules on CDP adoption and optimization, starting at the 101 level and ending with advanced tactics. You can go through the modules in order, or click straight to the one that seems most relevant.

You will also find plenty of links to additional resources that round out the course of study.

Here’s a quick overview of each module:

The Basics of CDP Personalization and Marketing Automation: CDP 101

If you’re not sure you need a CDP, or if you’re fuzzy on what one is and what it can do, this is the place to start. This module will help you evaluate your needs and begin to explore the possibilities.

Get ALL Your Data to Work for You: Collect & Cleanse Data

The first step to using a CDP is to connect your data sources to the platform, using pre-built integration technology to connect advertising, social media data, loyalty program data, in-store sales, ecommerce info, mobile data, and more. This module will help you identify which data sources you can connect, and how to sanitize your data to ensure it’s trustworthy.

Unify Data to Know Each Customer Better: Customer Data Unification

Once you have your data connected and cleansed, you can use automated processes to create comprehensive, persistent customer profiles. This module explains why customer profiles matter and walks you through the process.

Figure Out Better Ways to Reach Customers: Derive Customer Insights

With customer profiles in place, you can begin the real work: Automated analysis of mountains of data. This module explains how to use your CDP to generate actionable insight.

Take Action for Better Bottom-line Results: Activate and Personalize

What do you do with customer insights once you have them? The right CDP can act on these insights automatically, with rules-based machine learning to guide it. This module explains how the process works and provides inspiring examples from our power users.

CDPs are rapidly becoming a must-have addition to a marketer’s toolkit because they’re helping so many companies boost profitability and respond quickly to both threats and new opportunities. For many savvy marketers, CDPs are proving to have virtually limitless applications. That’s why the right marketing CDP can be the foundation for an automated, optimized, and data-driven marketing machine and your staff needs the right CDP training.

Visit the CDP Academy to start your customer data education today.

Tom Treanor
Tom Treanor
Tom Treanor was head of marketing at Treasure Data. He focuses on marketing, martech, CDPs, and digital marketing. Follow him on Twitter @RtMixMktg.
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