Partner Spotlight: How BitBang Helps Brands Achieve Data-driven Success

Partner Spotlight: How BitBang Helps Brands Achieve Data-driven Success

Partner Spotlight: How BitBang Helps Brands Achieve Data-driven Success

How can modern businesses transform massive amounts of siloed data into the keystone of their success? That’s where Italy-based BitBang, a data management consulting firm that delivers services across Europe and Treasure Data partner, comes in.

By executing strategies that include the collection, integration, and visualization of data, BitBang and Treasure Data help companies across the globe achieve a 360-degree holistic view of each customer and their brand performance.

In this week’s Partner Spotlight, we talk with BitBang Head of Customer Intelligence and Activation for Marketing Andrea Bedeschi about how unified data optimizes marketing initiatives, unlocks new opportunities, and increases customer value.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

Andrea Bedeschi: Today, companies are producing unprecedented volumes of data, but they aren’t necessarily creating the opportunity to analyze that data.

With a combination of our skills, expertise, and strong technology partnerships (Treasure Data being on top of the list, obviously), we help clients realize the value of their data. We help businesses define the right data strategy, so they can gain a competitive advantage with their own first-party data.

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One of the most significant changes we are seeing is the practice of democratizing customer intelligence across an organization. Data insights are becoming available for all business users, including marketers, customer service reps, legal, local subsidiaries, resellers and dealers, and external partners and stakeholders (vendors, agencies), regardless of their own level of technical expertise.

By providing solutions for a single customer view (SCV) , we help optimize campaigns and marketing initiatives. This SCV is further enhanced with AI and ML models for predictive modeling, so teams are able to execute with the flexibility and velocity of execution that the global market demands.

Treasure Data: What other challenges are companies facing?

Andrea Bedeschi: On top of everything I just mentioned, it is increasingly paramount to obtain central visibility and a defined governance on data usage given the rise in customer data privacy legislations, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Businesses also have to be more sensitive to customer satisfaction—constantly listening and responding to customer needs—to maintain customer loyalty.

So, we need to change the traditional legacy approach on big data projects to enable agile solutions that are easy to use and directly accessible to business users. These agile solutions must predefine an umbrella of rules and conditions regarding how customer data can be used.

Given these challenges, in my opinion a customer data platform (CDP), and in particular Treasure Data, is the technology solution for building a compelling data strategy.

Treasure Data: How do you see CDPs playing a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

Andrea Bedeschi: More than ever, organizations are competing for customer attention. Being able to gain customer attention is more important than the actual product or service. And customer attention is scarce.

Marketing channels are more and more crowded, and digital advertising models are being profoundly reviewed and discussed. Why? Well, not only are businesses experiencing significant budget cuts post-pandemic, but they are also having to adapt to various industry changes, such as the removal of third-party cookies.

To win in this scenario, leveraging first-party data is key. First-party data is true customer data, and it contains exclusive information that no one else in the market can replicate. That gives you an opportunity to be more relevant than your competitors, and relevancy is what helps you win customer attention.

CDPs not only unify recent customer data, they have a long memory and can stitch together all of a customer’s historical interactions with the brand, including online and offline visits, contextual information, purchase behaviors, preferences, habits, and so on.

Consider the old adage: deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time, and even on the right device to each customer. The term “right” is “the more relevant” for the customer.

To be relevant, means orchestrating omnichannel personalization that can take a single customer view one step further so that your brand engagement is consistent across all channels, devices, moments, and physical interactions. In the real world, this can be mediated by sales representatives and business consultants, or by smart devices, like Alexa, home automation, automotive diagnostic systems, etc.

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside your company’s offerings?

Andrea Bedeschi: BitBang’s consulting services focus on leveraging data management to optimize marketing initiatives. We are skilled at customer data management, optimizing big data environments, customer intelligence through advanced analytics, targeting and predictive segmentation, and campaign optimization (via marketing tools and DMPs).

Treasure Data is the technology on which we can synthesize customer intelligence and activation for marketing, to effectively unleash the real value of customer data for achieving business results.

Together, with BitBang and Treasure Data , businesses are able to unify their customer data all in one place and in real time. As a result, marketers and customer experience leaders can truly personalize and customize every marketing interaction.

About BitBang

BitBang helps clients leverage and enrich data so that they can be confident every data-driven business decision will make a positive difference. BitBang provides services and best practices in analytics, data and information management, modern business intelligence, measurement consulting and optimization, data insights services, advanced analytics, machine learning, and cloud engineering.

Through data collection, integration and visualization, data sensemaking, and insights delivery, BitBang enables organizations to leverage data effectively to achieve holistic knowledge of the customer and brand performance to make data-driven business decisions. Learn more at

Jonathan Von Abo
Jonathan Von Abo
With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Jonathan von Abo has a unique understanding of the digital landscape. As a Senior Director of Business Development for EMEA and India at Treasure Data, Jonathan focused on building strategic relationships and delivering value to customers.
Andrea Bedeschi
BitBang’s Head of Customer Intelligence and Activation for Marketing Andrea Bedeschi has more than 15 years of experience as a marketing consultant. He started as a digital marketing and communication consultant in the ITC market. At BitBang, he leads omnichannel marketing transformation projects for enterprise clients from different industries, working mainly on customer data intelligence and activation strategies to optimize campaigns and plans through marketing automation and unified measurement.
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