Partner Spotlight: How Marketing Will Change in the Post-cookie, Post-IDFA World

Partner Spotlight: Marketing in the Post-cookie, Post-IDFA World

Partner Spotlight: Marketing in the Post-cookie, PostIDFA World

Now that Apple and Google have announced changes that make it difficult to use cookies and IDs for advertisers (IDFAs), almost everyone in marketing realizes that marketing and martech are undergoing seismic shifts that will affect how they interact with their customers. How will you find new customers, handle targeting and segmentation, and provide personalized customer journeys in the coming cookieless world?

Many companies are working to answer that question, and an intriguing one comes from Karlsgate, a technology company providing a virtual data clean room service. That means that Karlsgate’s clients can match and trade data with any other firm in such a way that personally identifiable information (PII) is never sent, shared, or exposed to a third party. Treasure Data’s Jazz Sahota talked to Brian Mullin, founder and CEO of Karlsgate, to understand how the company helps solve some of the rapidly evolving privacy concerns that successful international companies’ marketing departments now face head-on.

Treasure Data: What’s one major challenge you’re helping your clients with today?

Brian Mullin: We are on a mission to help companies protect their data, comply with legislation, and enable new data sources (inbound and outbound) using the most secure process available today. We’ve engineered a solution so you can match and compare any two data sets, and it works across all types of data. With this solution, file matching and data exchanges occur without your customer identities ever leaving your servers, and same for the other party.

Perhaps most relevant to Treasure Data users is that Karlsgate works with your TD instance right now. You don’t need to move or copy your data to use Karlsgate. Two advantages to this powerful combination of a customer data platform (CDP) and Karlsgate middleware include:

  1. You can now match with any other Karlsgate provider or another Treasure Data client.
  2. Pay only when you use our service. There are no fixed or recurring fees to use Karlsgate.

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP work with your company’s offerings?

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Brian Mullin: We’re excited to partner with Treasure Data. Through Karlsgate, Treasure Data clients gain instant access to over 1.3 billion profiles in 60 countries. This means that instantly, there are literally thousands of new data elements that can be appended to your files today, which gives you much richer profiles for targeting and segmentation. Our members have access to business, personal, mobility, lifestyle, and health attributes as well as complete ID graphs to populate missing fields like email, MAID’s, phone number, etc. As always, you are able to match one-to-one and then append data from any of our 14 data partners without ever sharing your customer identities.

Treasure Data: What are your primary use cases?

Brian Mullin: We have several, including:

  1. Easily exploring and matching against new data sources for customer file enhancement
  2. Easily comparing customer data with other first-party data from partnerships and collaboration
  3. Providing a safe onboarding approach to any platform or cloud where PII is involved

Treasure Data: What does Karlsgate Identity Exchange do? How does it relate to Cryptoidentity?

Brian Mullin: Karlsgate Identity Exchange handles data security and privacy compliance by using Cryptoidentity—encrypted, single-use pseudonymized tokens—and a distributed network architecture to match two data sets without sharing or exposing personal data identifiers. This approach solves a number of critical challenges facing marketers and their partners, including:

  • Maintaining data custody—Distributed processing ensures organizations never lose control of customer identities, because it never leaves their environment.
  • Protecting customer privacy—Single-use pseudonymized tokens guarantee no identity disclosure, retention, persistency, or re-identification.
  • Streamlining data sharing—Our collaborative portal allows complete control and transparency removing the need for lengthy testing agreements and processes.

Treasure Data: How do you see CDPs playing a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

Brian Mullin: The IT expertise, scalability, low upfront investment, rapid implementation, and analytics that CDPs provide are very attractive for most companies today. A CDP can serve as the cornerstone of first-party data strategy where the analytics, connectivity, and custody of data are controlled under a single platform.

About Karlsgate

Karlsgate is a secure data collaboration company. Through the Karlsgate Identity Exchange and patent-pending Cryptoidentity, Karlsgate empowers data owners, brands, publishers, agencies, and technology companies to share consumer insights freely without exposing consumer identities. Karlsgate serves many markets, including financial services, retail, insurance, marketing and advertising, digital advertising, publishers, data analytics, consultancy, and healthcare. For more information, visit, check out Karlsgate’s video library or join the Karlsgate Identity Exchange community on LinkedIn.

About Brian Mullin

Brian Mullin is the founder and CEO of Karlsgate, a data exchange platform that helps brands prevent personal data disclosures. He has more than 30 years of experience in software development with leadership roles at companies across the data-driven marketing ecosystem. With his early start at a family-owned list processing business, Brian has gone on to hold leadership positions at database marketing giants such as Acxiom and Dun & Bradstreet. Brian earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University, Questrom School of Business.

Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota
Jazz Sahota works on the technology partnerships team at Treasure Data. She enjoys exploring the tech ecosystem and how partners and CDPs work together to craft unique solutions for customers. As a leader in developing strategic partnership, Jazz has over 10 years of experience at Silicon Valley startups at various stages of growth and funding.
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