[Infographic] Marketers with the Best Martech Stacks Report Doing These 2 Things

[Infographic] Marketers with the Best Martech Stacks Report Doing These 2 Things

[Infographic] Marketers with the Best Martech Stacks Report Doing These 2 Things

What do companies with the best marketing tools and technology have in common? A recent Treasure Data survey asked IT and marketing professionals a series of questions to find out what those who have the best martech stacks do to achieve it. What stood out in the survey, which drew more than 400 responses? And how can you use the survey findings to move your own marketing efforts closer to “the ideal”?

Best Martech Stacks Infographic

What Do Marketers Want?

First, it’s clear that companies are using their martech stacks for a wide variety of marketing automation tasks, and they want to do even more.

What are marketing and IT’s goals? Marketing IT
Attract new customers 59% 55%
Get advanced insights via machine learning 34% 41%
Identify and cater to high-value customers 34% 31%
Identify at risk customers and incentivize them to stay 29% 27%

Only a Few Say They Have the Best Martech Stacks

It’s also obvious that those who call their martech stacks ideal are a select, elite group. Only 27 percent of respondents said their martech stack was “ideal.”

  • 56% Adequate
  • 27% Ideal
  • 17% Insufficient

What Companies with the Best Martech Stacks Do Differently

Marketers who report having the best martech stacks have two things in common.

#1. A Mix of Martech Strategies—Not Just Suites of Best-of-Breed

First, owners of the ideal prefer picking both best-of-breed martech and some suites, to optimize their martech stacks. The ideal group shows a stronger preference toward a combination of best-of-breed and integrated suites—59% for the ideal group vs. 42% of the insufficient group. Conversely, the insufficient group is more likely to prefer purely integrated suites—25% vs. 8% of the ideal group.

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Martech Strategies Ideal Insufficient
Best-of-breed + integrated suites 59% 42%
Integrated suites 8% 25%

#2. Companies with the Best Martech Stacks Use CDPs

Second, 68 percent of the ideal group report using a customer data platform. Only 56 percent of the inadequate group does. CDPs are helping these ideal companies—and many others who

aspire to the ideal—to achieve the following goals for their martech stacks.

Companies with Ideal Martech Stacks More Likely to Use CDPs

  • Ideal 68%
  • Insufficient 56%

What Are Businesses Using CDPs For? The Most Common CDP Use Cases

Companies are using CDPs to achieve many different marketing KPIs and goals.

  • 50% Unify data and maintain customer profiles
  • 47% Enable website personalization
  • 45% Build and maintain targetable audience segments
  • 44% Personalize digital campaigns (email, display and/or social)
  • 40% Deliver better in-person or call-center customer service
  • 40% Strengthen targeting in sales outreach and engagement
  • 34% Report on campaign performance and ROI
  • 33% Assist in mapping out customer journey/experience

Want to understand more about the CDPs that power some of the Global 2000’s best martech stacks? Check out our full martech survey research report at bestmartechstackreport.com.

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Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton
Lisa Stapleton is a former editorial director at IDG and former senior editor for InfoWorld and InformationWeek. She has written extensively about enterprise IT, business and environmental topics, and now serves as a senior marketing content manager for Treasure Data. She holds an MBA from Santa Clara, an Applied Math undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, and an MA in journalism from Mizzou. She also enjoys being a Toastmaster.
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