Partner Spotlight: How 55 Helps Brands With Responsible Data Management, Activation, and Privacy

Partner Spotlight: How 55 Helps Brands With Responsible Data Management, Activation, and Privacy

Partner Spotlight: How 55 Helps Brands With Responsible Data Management, Activation, and Privacy

As a MarTech consultancy, 55 offers a wide range of capabilities, from strategy and media consulting to data architecture and customer experience. The name 55 derives from a key data point observed consistently across brands: 55% of people entering a store will leave having purchased something. That’s far more than on e-commerce websites. Tying together the online-offline experience is key to commerce success. 

Treasure Data recently interviewed 55’s Harris Wilson, Senior Digital Analytics Consultant, and Robin Clayton, Managing Director, to get their insights on the single customer view, evolving industry needs around data privacy and cookies, and the future of CDPs. 

Treasure Data: What are some of the challenges brands face when it comes to data, and how is 55 helping meet these challenges?

Robin Clayton: Technology continues to revolutionize how marketing departments operate, positioning consumer data as a key driver for overall business success. Customer experience is truly omnichannel across all industries, and, as the metaverse grows, digital touchpoints are only going to amplify. Brands are increasing their investment in data science and analytics to meet these challenges. However, a lot of brands still lack a comprehensive view of the consumer due to siloed data across their organizations. So, now, more than ever, it’s critical that decision-makers get the full picture, that single customer view. 

Digital isn’t in competition with brick-and-mortar boutiques. Rather, digital offers the data needed to create a unified online-offline consumer experience. 55 is a true partner in coaching clients on how to understand and leverage their data. We’re skilled in defining distinct processes for client success as it relates to marketing and greater business objectives. Our mission is to empower our clients, guiding them on how to build data architecture that connects the end-to-end data value chain.

Another challenge we address is activation. Oftentimes, companies still need guidance on best practices for leveraging and interpreting customer data. Luckily, 55 offers broad expertise and familiarity within a range of activation platforms (social, programmatic, and direct channels). Our teams pride themselves on taking this extra step to ensure clients understand how to move the needle after improving their view of the consumer.

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Treasure Data: How does 55 view the issue of data privacy?

Harris Wilson: We see data privacy one of the leading trends moving forward. And as the MarTech industry faces more complexities and restrictions around privacy, 55 is working with brands to direct their efforts towards privacy-preserving approaches. It’s important these efforts continue to reap the benefits of Facebook/Google Analytics tracking and consent management/European storage, particularly with the recent CNIL ruling in France. Obviously, data privacy regulations are continuing to evolve. So the need for data compliance experts and data scientists has to evolve as well, in order to ensure data safety and quality. 

A major challenge our clients face is how to address the phasing out of third-party cookies. This is something we recently explored in a research project that uncovered some major findings around how various companies are adapting to the new privacy-first internet. We’re working with a range of organizations in varying industries to explain the impact of new regulations, develop transition plans, implement new tech solutions, and establish new marketing best practices. And we have a guide on how to build a digital roadmap to the post-cookie era.

Treasure Data: Do you think CDPs are going to play a critical role in helping companies grow in the future?

Robin Clayton: Absolutely, especially when it comes to that unified customer view. At 55, we view data as a single-source of truth for our clients. CDPs apply this notion to the customer experience, offering a single-view solution into the data behind a customer’s journey. With a CDP, companies can increase efficiency, collaboration, flexibility, and even compliance.

Harris Wilson: The connectivity offered by a CDP minimizes the overhead infrastructure often required to create a stream of data from one platform to another. CDPs increase automation, streamline platforms and architecture, as well as enable greater scalability and activation strategies for global brands. It’s apparent that CDPs are filling an efficiency gap that’s been in the industry for decades. 

Treasure Data: How does the Treasure Data CDP fit alongside 55’s offerings?

Robin Clayton: Data science and analytics remains at the center of all our offerings. Treasure Data’s CDP unifies the AdTech and MarTech stacks of our clients, enabling our teams to better guide clients on responsibly leveraging their data across all verticals.

The Treasure Data CDP aligns with 55’s mission to empower clients in responsible data management and activation. Both organizations recognize that with great data, comes great responsibility. Understanding the impacts of evolving privacy regulations and ensuring our clients have the right processes in place to easily adapt is always at the forefront of our solutions. 55’s deep technical expertise and broad scope of capabilities provide a strong complement to the Treasure Data CDP. Once the tool is in place, we instill greater confidence in our clients by having our team of experts also confirm the data is as comprehensive and clean as possible. 

Harris Wilson: We work with brands all over the world. It’s imperative the tools we use are adaptable to the intricacies of global organizations. Treasure Data’s CDP is scalable, secure, and reliable. These attributes are critical to successful innovation and have enabled 55 to guide its clients on adopting a pragmatic approach, modernizing their strategies for business impact—not only now, but also for the future. 

To learn more about 55, visit their homepage and follow them on LinkedIn—and be sure to check out their Tea House blog for the latest data marketing news and trends. To find out more about the Treasure Data CDP, consult an expert today

About 55

55, the data company, is a MarTech consultancy made up of over 300 industry experts in digital strategy, analytics tracking, and media. Backed by engineers and data scientists, we support global brands, in every type of industry, all around the world.

As part of the Brandtech Group (formerly known as You & Mr Jones), 55 enables brands to master and adapt communication to context and personalize the customer relationship using the latest technology. The company is headquartered in Paris, operating in three time zones with offices in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Geneva, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Singapore.

Harris Wilson

Harris Wilson | Senior Digital Analytics Consultant

As a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant at 55, Harris helps clients traverse the challenges of the digital landscape by capitalizing on his e-commerce and marketing analytics background. His current focus is on leveraging and implementing cloud-based technology for DTC brands in the Americas looking to expand market share and improve marketing performance.

Robin Clayton

Robin Clayton | Managing Director

Robin Clayton brings more than 14 years of experience in leading brands to digitally transform their businesses. With a focus on building out the right team and delivery structure to grow the business in the US market, Clayton is responsible for managing the consulting practice and fostering a data-driven delivery agenda. With a unique combination of digital strategy and data-driven delivery experience, Clayton bridges the gap between high-level ideation and practical application. Before joining 55 in 2018, she worked in digital strategy and business consulting for global organizations such as Publicis Sapient, SapientNitro, and IBM Global Business Services. Clayton holds a bachelor of science degree in management science and operations research from the Miami Herbert Business School at the University of Miami. She also studied computing machines, statistics, Spanish, and communications at the University of Sussex.

Rinky Kundnani
Rinky Kundnani
Director of Partner Success at Treasure Data. Building practices and frameworks for helping partners lead end to end CDP implementations for Treasure Data customers. Connect with Rinky on LinkedIn here
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