Life at Treasure Data: Stephanie Long, on Mentoring Future Sales Leaders

Life at Treasure Data: Stephanie Long, on Mentoring Future Sales Leaders

Q&A with Stephanie Long, VP of Global Sales Development at Treasure Data

Stephanie Long leads the North American sales development organization. She’s based in San Jose, California, and shares her perspectives working in Sales at Treasure Data. Here’s Stephanie’s story.

Q: What brought you to Treasure Data?

Stephanie: It was really an opportunity for growth. Treasure Data sits at the intersection of a couple of exciting and powerful trends. We have a great opportunity as the demand for our solutions increases in this digital world, and it brings opportunities for people here at our company to grow and contribute in more ways. Part of being an SDR leader that is important to me is giving the SDRs that come here the opportunity to advance their careers and become the future leaders of our organization.

Q: What’s different about being an SDR at Treasure Data compared to other companies?

Stephanie: What makes being an ADR or SDR at Treasure Data unique is the degree of support that we have around our team. We have a great collaboration with marketing operations and sales operations to bring tools that help the ADR be more effective and efficient. In addition, we have an awesome sales enablement team to help up-level and bring new skills to the ADRs and SDRs. So they’re acquiring lifelong, valuable career skills in selling. The level of collaboration and support that we can offer the ADRs and SDRs helps them not only be successful in this current role but sets them up for long-term success.

Q: What does success look like for an SDR or ADR at this company?

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Stephanie: > We’re very goal oriented, and our primary goal is to find opportunities for the pipeline and to build that pipeline.  But I think success in a larger sense for the ADRs and SDRs here means the opportunity to grow and feel that they’re making a bigger and bigger impact as they grow their tenure at the company. That can mean more opportunities to help new colleagues ramp up. It can be the opportunity to contribute to different teams we have within our organization, and it can mean the opportunity to get promoted into roles like account executives, closing roles, roles in the marketing team, or roles in ADR and SDR leadership. So success is not only achieving the metrics and the goals that we have, but also being able to grow their careers and take their careers to the next level.

Q: What are some attributes you look for in emerging sales leaders? 

Stephanie: The attribute I think is most helpful in an ADR being successful is having an internal motivation or ambition. We can teach people our messaging. We can teach people our processes and our systems. But people have to come to the table with that drive and ambition, and they can marry that up with all the teaching we can provide. That will help them be successful – that unique quality of just wanting to be the best version of yourself and wanting to improve and grow yourself in some way each day makes a big difference.

Q: What do you do to help people achieve their goals?

Stephanie: The art of being an effective ADR leader and helping people grow is understanding each person’s unique strengths and helping them capitalize on those strengths. It’s also knowing the unique areas where an individual can grow. What are their opportunities for development? I think we’re very consistent around the training, the processes, and scheduling of team events, but we try to be individual with people, roles, and talents and how to develop them.

Q: Tell me more about what the culture is like at Treasure Data? What is the day-to-day like?

Stephanie: We try to do something every day that gets the team together to learn and connect, especially in this world where we are virtual, and our ADRs work from home. Also, a big component of the culture of the ADR team is that people are genuinely interested and motivated to help each other out and share best practices. I see the team encouraging each other, being positive, and sharing praises in our slack channel. It’s a genuine team of people that want to see each other do well.

Q: Why should someone choose to work at Treasure Data?

Stephanie: Treasure Data is committed to the ADR’s long-term success. We look at the opportunity here as not only the current role, but for long-term career development. We want to bring people on board this team that want to be future leaders. I think a differentiating factor for working at Treasure Data is the opportunity to grow and advance your career. Hitting our number in terms of our core metrics is important, but it’s also super important that I give people the opportunity to graduate up into that next step of their career. And I take that very, very seriously.

If you want to learn more about working at Treasure Data, check out our careers page.

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Kellie de Leon
Kellie de Leon
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