Strata 2013 in Santa Clara: See you there!

Strata 2013 in Santa Clara: See you there!

We are excited to announce that we are one of the Premier Exhibitors at the upcoming Strata 2013 Santa Clara!

Strata, hosted by O’Reilly Media, is a widely respected conference where the best and brightest in big data and data science gather for three days and share their thoughts and insights.

As an exhibitor, we will be at Booth #908 to tell our story: what Treasure Data’s Big Data as-a-Service platform is, and why using Treasure Data instead of building your own Hadoop cluster or running sharded MySQLs make sense (hint: faster time-to-answer and near-zero maintenance).

If you are going to Strata 2013 Santa Clara next week, remember to drop by Booth #908!

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