Fluentd: Stepping Up Our Open Source Game

Fluentd: Stepping Up Our Open Source Game

The entire Treasure Data team has been thinking a lot about our open source log collector tool Fluentd. Based on the feedback from developers in the community, the maintainers (a couple of core maintainers are Treasure Data engineers) have been focusing on a few key components.

Here is a sample of some of the key features that are in development in our roadmap:

  • Fluentd for Windows: Because of a lot of demand, Fluentd will support Windows shortly.
  • Fluentd “Error Stream” Feature: Route broken or invalid events into separate data stream for later analysis and keep your primary data sink error-free.
  • Fluentd Monitoring Tool: Monitor your deployments of Fluentd and the health of your Fluentd instances with a monitoring tool and UI that will help you optimize Fluentd’s reliability and performance.

As the original author and core members of the Fluentd project, we are committing ourselves to expanding the community, within the US and Japan as well as across the globe. Over the next few months, Kiyoto Tamura, our employee and a Fluentd maintainer, will spearhead this effort. As the first step, he will be kicking off Fluentd meetups in San Francisco next week. Food and drinks will be on us, and our goal is to foster a genuine community around Fluentd. We promise that there won't be any corporate advertisement. For the very first meetup, we are thinking of using Heavybit as the venue (an incubator started by Heroku co-founder James Lindenbaum that focused on startups with serious technologies).

If you are in the Bay Area, we would love to have you sign up to our MeetUp group where we will be announcing all the future events:

If you are not in the Bay Area, please watch us on GitHub as we are working hard on Fluentd over the next few months:

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