5 Trillion

5 Trillion

Less than a year ago, we hit 1 trillion records – and today, we’re announcing that we have hit 5 trillion data records! That’s adding a trillion records to the Treasure Data Service in just a little over a month.

It really wasn’t that long ago that we were looking forward to reaching the 1 trillion milestone, and there’s no way we could have imagined how many records we’d be collecting, storing, and analyzing for our customers less than a year later. We’ve seen not just new customers uploading their data, but also existing customers that have grown faster than they’ve imagined.

As our customers continue to grow, we’re looking forward to new use cases and sources of data, like wearables and sensor data. We are consistently seeing new “Internet of Things” use cases where customers want to stream data from devices and sensors directly to our service via Treasure Agent for storage and quick analysis. This will help companies with maintenance and diagnostic readings, which can assist with preventative care or as the basis for future decisions and proactive decision making.

We’ve already demonstrated our proficiency handling large volumes of data. With the coming wave of sensor data from the Internet of Things poised to stream into our customers’ databases, we’re looking forward to see how Treasure Data can make sense of all of it. The Big Data movement and our customers’ 5 trillion rows of data is only the beginning of a data revolution that will change the way we do business.

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