A Cool Vendor

A Cool Vendor

Our latest news has us really excited: prestigious research and analyst firm Gartner has named us one of four Cool Vendors in Big Data, 2014! With so many technology vendors launching in the past few years, we were thrilled that Treasure Data garnered a spot in the information technology and research company’s objective ranking of big data companies.

Being one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors means that Treasure Data has been identified as a vendor that offers something exceptionally useful and groundbreaking, something that is poised to change the way big data is analyzed and managed. Gartner’s Cool Vendors are companies that are making sense of big data, turning it from a fuzzy concept into something that delivers value. The need to do something with big data and turn it into actionable insights is becoming clearer every day, particularly as more data is generated.

Some of the benefits that make the Treasure Data service unique include its cost-effectiveness (we’re very scalable, and we even offer a free starter package), a unique MPP columnar database, and the ability to get the solution up and running within days, not months. It provides data analysis, storage, and collection capabilities in the cloud. Our customers are able to integrate data from multiple sources: physical locations, mobile apps, and websites.

If you’re looking for a big data solution without big headaches, read the report Cool Vendors in Big Data, 2014 or visit our website at www.treasuredata.com

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