Adding to the Records

Adding to the Records

It’s time to announce… 4 trillion data records! It wasn’t long ago our customers hit 1 trillion rows of data, and now we’ve seen our customers import another 3 trillion rows into the Treasure Data Service for processing in near real-time.

Our customers continue to grow by leaps and bounds, as evidenced by the data they load for processing. We have customers from both online and offline companies, including game publishers, retailers, and advertisers. All of them have one mission in common: to make sense of the data they collect and use it to provide a better experience to their own customers, whether that’s through more exciting games, personalized offers, or more targeted advertising and recommendations.

One of the things that our customers love about Treasure Data is how scalable our service is. As a relatively young enterprise, advertising technology company DashBid jumped on the Treasure Data Service for data processing to deal with spikes in its own data. When their data exceeds their existing server capacity, they need something scalable and responsive that can deliver analysis in near real-time to continue to provide intelligence to their customers. Since using the Treasure Data Service, DashBid has been attributing its success to the ability to process large amounts of data quickly, one of Treasure Data’s hallmarks. The company is now poised for expansion as their video ad campaign business gains popularity.

We’re excited to see what our customers continue to do with the Treasure Data Service. Here at headquarters, we’re even thinking of starting a pool to bet when the next trillion rows will be imported. Any takers?

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