Leverage Your Customer Data Platform to Enhance Amplitude Behavioral Cohorting Capability

Leverage Your Customer Data Platform to Enhance Amplitude Behavioral Cohorting Capability

It’s marketing 101: When you analyze a cohort of your users, look at when they began using your product and assess their retention rates over time. However, while that is a useful measurement, the folks at Amplitude believe that there is a better way of evaluating user cohorts. Namely, examining their behavior as they use your product.

This is one of the features of Amplitude, a product analytics tool: Behavioral cohort analysis. Amplitude now integrates with Treasure Data’s customer data platform, so you can analyze behavioral cohorts in the same place as you access other customer information. Read on to learn about why behavioral cohort analysis is vital and how this integration enables you to maximize your ROI.

Behavioral Cohorting: A Definition

A cohort is a group of users. Marketers base user cohorts upon when people become customers. Amplitude has another way of looking at cohorts. It groups users together based on the actions they take when they use your product.

Why is examining a cohort’s behavior even more important than the date you acquired them as users? Consider an example. Suppose you have developed a shopping app, and one of the features within it is the ability to add items to a wish list. In Amplitude, you can compare retention rates of users who add items to a wish list to those who do not. As it turns out, users who add items to their wish lists have higher retention rates than those who do not.

What sets Amplitude’s behavioral cohorting capability apart from other analytics platforms is that you can save a group of users’ details and analyze their details in different ways. For instance, you could look at that cohort’s progression through your sales funnel. In addition, you can also specify a timeframe in which to examine actions or check how many times a user has performed an action.

Treasure Data and Amplitude: Better Together

Amplitude now integrates with Treasure Data’s customer data platform. This means you can harness the power of Amplitude’s analytics in the same place as you consume all your other customer data.

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Thanks to Amplitude’s highly granular data, you have the information you need to make the best decisions about improving your product. If you notice retention rates have been dropping off because you took away a feature in your app, you will know about it in real time. Integrating Amplitude with Treasure Data’s customer data platform takes just a few minutes, meaning that you can gain actionable data about your product quickly and make the right decisions, faster.

Making improvements to your product does not have to be a guessing game. Amplitude’s integration with Treasure Data’s customer data platform brings all of the information you need into one place. To see firsthand what our customer data platform can do, get the Treasure Data demo.

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