Access Deeper Insights by Integrating Pentaho and Treasure Data

Access Deeper Insights by Integrating Pentaho and Treasure Data

Market driven big data + marketer-controlled customer data platform = Actionable insight.

In modern marketing, it is not always the marketer with the most data who wins. It is the marketer that can glean the most insight from the data  who is going to drive more revenue. Enterprise organizations are struggling to manage channel centric data across brick and mortar, online, inventory, supply chain, and customer contact details. A strong customer data platform can do much to address the problem.

Pentaho was designed to offer a solution for organizations mired in Spark, Hadoop or other next generation datastore, offering them end-to-end analytics and integration. What happens when a leading market-driven data analytics tool like Pentaho meets the number one marketer-controlled customer data platform?

Sparks (and Hadoops) fly!

Better Data Means Deeper Insight

Modern marketers and IT executives are practically drowning in data lakes. While they have all the data they need, often they fail to leverage it in the right ways to accelerate business performance.

This is where Pentaho enters the picture. Pentaho starts with a Big Data Blueprints module, which offers templates for big data architecture. It gives technology teams a launch pad for the data integration and processing models of the future.

The platform allows simple data migration and offloading to Hadoop, speeding deployment. Data visualization is included, so the time spent programming is lessened. Data conversion becomes a natural, effective workflow, instead of a clunky, frustrating function bound by legacy code.

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Pentaho also enables you to sort and process on-premise or cloud data. Like Treasure Data, this is a platform designed with marketing in mind. You can drag and drop data instead of relying on programming code, driving increased productivity across your multi-channel marketing initiatives.

Pentaho leverages any big data processing engine, improving the quality of the data while allowing automation to improve workflows. Use the data to get product feedback on features such as product quality, customer service or pricing – or whatever you need, when you need it most.

Man in suit with data in hands

Now you can have all the data and use it, too.

Make Customer Data Actionable

Now, data from Pentaho can integrate with the Treasure Data customer data platform to provide a deeper and wider view of customer behaviors and trends. This integration means you have the ability to process more data quickly, while reconciling customer information across platforms. You can access everything in one centralized hub, including: structured and unstructured data, channel and even data from third parties. Treasure Data connects you with all the other systems in your marketing implementation plan from content management platforms to email campaigns.

The customer data platform integration means you can use all available data to create a personalized customer experience driven by AI. Customizing offers and promotions will drive sales because you are reaching customers with the right messages at the precise time they are ready to buy.

Now you can take all customer identities, purchase histories, preferences from multiple platforms and meld it into one user profile. Treasure Data means deeper insights from the data you have, for an enriched 360-degree view of your customers. Pentaho can turn this insight into forecasts, recommendations, market segments and much more.

The bottom line is that integrating Pentaho with Treasure Data gives you increased awareness of what really drives customer loyalty patterns. This yields actionable insight, which will boost conversion rates, finally translating all your data into real value.

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Jeremy Goodrich
Jeremy Goodrich
Jeremy Goodrich is a marketer with a deep interest in technology, social media and developing websites that fulfill business goals.