Announcing the Treasure Data Audience Suite

Announcing the Treasure Data Audience Suite

News Highlights:

  • The Audience Suite makes customer data accessible and actionable providing a complete customer profile on one screen
  • Intuitive interfaces providing a guided segmentation experience with the most detailed customer profiles
  • Marketing-enabled AI capabilities for predictive analytics and scoring
  • Real-time personalization with key attributes and pre-built integrations to the most widely used marketing applications on the market

A more intuitive and actionable Customer Data Platform to keep pace with today’s enterprise data

Today’s marketing operation is an engine — constantly in motion to drive messages and communications that improve sales. Amidst the increasing pace of data, adding new marketing technologies and/or data sources shouldn’t cause disruptions for this “engine” — that’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes in. We’ve heard from our customers that, they need consolidated access to all of their data, as well as a fast and easy way to take action on the data. That’s why we’ve developed the Treasure Data Audience Suite, a set of marketer applications to be used seamlessly alongside the big data profile set our customers are already building, maintaining and activating with Treasure Data.

The Audience Suite Makes Customer Data Accessible and Actionable

Audience Suite uses unified first, second and third-party customer data sets, which are continuously compiled from offline sources, as well as the most widely used marketing and sales systems available today. It then provides marketers with limitless levels of detail in a guided segmentation experience and offers marketing-enabled AI capabilities for predictive analytics and scoring. The extensive integrations library boasts 100+ output connectors for activating precise customer segments, with new marketing application connectors — for systems such as Eloqua, YouTube, MailPublisher, Google AdWords and more. And, new integrations are being added continually.

Unlike other industry solutions that only collect, unify and export customer data, Treasure Data is the solution to securely collect and store, unify, analyze and activate customer profiles for more precise targeting and real-time personalization. It is the one enterprise Customer Data Platform that brings a feature-rich set of marketer-enabled functionality to the market on top of a proven data management and analytic foundation. With all of this functionality in one system, customers enjoy all the benefits of optimized marketing efforts that convert, while saving time and money on implementation and adoption.

Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data PlatformTreasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform

“Unlike other industry solutions that only collect, unify and export customer data, Treasure Data is the solution to securely collect and store, unify, analyze and activate customer profiles for more precise targeting and real-time personalization.”

Here are some highlights from this latest release:

A complete customer profile on one screen

To avoid invisible or ‘lost’ data, our customers can customize and automate their data models with no limits. This lets them build customer profiles that only they can leverage and then manage them with built-in dashboards to make fast decisions on customer model adjustments. Treasure Data profiles surface this data model on one screen for a deep dive into every customer. There’s no limit to the number of profiles you can rationalize for cost-savings targets or what you can uncover about your customers as you drive toward a “segment of one” strategy.

  • Convenient visualizations to highlight total numbers in an audience, new customers and growth trends
  • An intuitive interface that lets you review full profiles of every customer, quickly assessing attributes and behaviors

A guided segmentation experience with every customer detail

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A guided segmentation experience with every customer detail

Ease of use is a top priority for us. With Treasure Data’s Segment Builder, marketers are guided step-by-step through the process of creating and fine-tuning segments for effective targeting of the right groups of customers and prospects. Now our customers can build and manage groups of profiles at scale, increasing the numbers of campaigns they can run, while improving their performance with more precise targeting.

We’ve made it easier for customers to take immediate action on customer segments that are always up to date.

  • Full set of data, including actions taken and not taken, to build the most relevant segments
  • Ability to create segments and update them automatically from real-time actions taken by website visitors (and even reuse them!)
  • Ability to personalize content, offers and messages on the spot – using interactive screens that automatically update with profile counts and statistics

Marketing-enabled AI capabilities for predictive analytics and scoring

Marketing-enabled AI capabilities for predictive analytics and scoring

We are strongly committed to making predictive modeling accessible to more marketers. After all, analyzing customer profile data shouldn’t require an army of data scientists! With Audience Suite, predictive scoring works within your unique customer audience and helps marketers build models based on propensity — how likely or unlikely people are to take an action, such as purchase, or churn.

Providing more than just scores to be analyzed, Treasure Data takes predictive capabilities to the next level with intuitive visualizations for marketers to adjust scoring thresholds and easily create the right segments. This allows our customers to create optimized offers, promotions, discounts and more based on thousands of behavioral data points in no time.

  • Embedded machine learning logic and visual wizards to assist marketers in building a predictive scoring model (including a Feature Guess algorithm that recommends “predictive” attributes and behaviors to include based on statistics)
  • Guided predictive scoring to incorporate into new or existing segments
  • Built-in machine learning libraries that support algorithms for recommendations, categorization, language processing and more
  • Built-in statistics for fine-tuning and checking accuracy of predictive scoring models

Real-time personalization with key attributes

Real-time personalization with key attributes

We’ve heard loud and clear from our customers how crucial it is to use the most up-to-date data for activation of messages and offers. Our new Profile Sets API automates the delivery of the latest segment information to the most widely used personalization tools in the market today. The Profiles Sets API adds new key attribute and behavior parameters to profiles, such as propensity scores and demographics. With more information about the segment handed off at the point of engagement, Treasure Data optimizes the everyday use of our powerful segmentation capabilities.

  • More efficient and effective personalization based on more attributes
  • The ability to update customer profile and segment data in real-time
  • Integration with Adobe Target, Optimizely, Google Optimize & more

The pace of data shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the number of marketing systems has grown to more than 7,000 today based on the latest MarTech landscape*. That means more sources of customer and prospect data and a growing need to make it actionable across ever-expanding channels.

Given the challenges our enterprise customers are facing, the launch of Audience Suite comes in the nick of time, empowering our customers to immediately put their customer data to use — not just for analysis and understanding — but for quick and purposeful marketing activities and campaigns.

To learn more about Treasure Data’s capabilities, read all the details here.

*Brinker, S. (2018, August 01). Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2018): Martech 5000 (actually 6,829). Retrieved September 25, 2018, from

Micki Collart
Micki Collart
Micki is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Treasure Data where she focuses on helping the marketing community learn about customer data platforms, their evolving capabilities and the unique approach to customer experience that Treasure Data empowers.