New Year, New Marketing: 5 New Easy-Add Treasure Boxes for the CMO in Your Life

New Year, New Marketing: 5 New Easy-Add Treasure Boxes for the CMO in Your Life

One of our key goals at Treasure Data is to empower our customers to create and optimize personalized experiences across the customer journey. To accomplish this, Treasure Data maintains a highly flexible and extensible platform, capable of tackling a wide variety of data and marketing challenges. The adtech and martech landscapes change rapidly, and we aim to inform and equip our customers with the latest functionality they need to address complex use cases with fast time-to-value.

To this end, we’re excited to introduce Treasure Boxes -a brand new solutions library of pre-built code, components, visualizations, and applications ready for deployment with Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The goal of Treasure Boxes is to showcase what is possible, significantly reduce the time-to-value for implementing various use cases, and help our customers discover new and meaningful ways Treasure Data can help their businesses grow.

A few examples of these use cases include providing next best action recommendations, executing sentiment analysis or topic modeling, tracking sales and churn, and analyzing online advertising campaigns.

CDPs help you:

  • Track both anonymous visitors and known customers across all devices
  • Integrate with multiple data sources—including third-party systems, such as data management platforms (DMPs), website and mobile SDKs, CRM, email, social media, ecommerce, and in-store retail systems
  • Access all raw data, with flexible data ingestion and data retention
  • Orchestrate omnichannel campaigns and personalized customer journeys in real-time, with flexible customer segmentation, dynamic profile segmentation, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for predictive outcomes and advanced analysis

Within Treasure Boxes, we’ve created five different categories for browsing and inspiration—at no cost to current customers.

  • Analytics Box
  • Integration Box
  • Data Box
  • Machine Learning Box
  • Tool Box

If you’re curious, you are welcome to browse all of them—or just hone in on the section where you think you can get the most value. Each one offers pre-built custom templates and step-by-step instructions for implementing them.

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Analytics Box

Analytics Box offers curated code, dashboards, and templates for Web Analytics, Online Advertising Analytics, B2B Sales & Marketing Analytics, Gaming Analytics, eCommerce Analytic, and even Home Energy Management System Analytics (HEMS). One example includes templates for customer ID Unification via fuzzy matching across PII data.

Integration Box

Integration Box shows data ingestions and exports for third-party data sources like Salesforce, Zendesk, and AWS S3. Data can be collected and activated across a number of systems, such as IoT Devices with MQTT, Python scripting, Pandas, SCORER Camera, PySpark (Python API for Apache Spark),  RSS Feed, Twitter Search API, and OneTrust. These integrations supplement the 130+ data connectors already in the Treasure Data integrations catalog.

Data Box

Data Box offers data enrichment sample workflows and scripts for deep profile views and comprehensive analytics, such as Tapad Cross-Device Graph, Customer Profile Enrichment, and Email String Validation.

Machine Learning Box

This category offers custom machine learning that lets you build your own prediction models, such as Next Best Action, Churn Prediction, Keyword Extraction, Sales Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling with LDA, Data Preparation and Feature Engineering, Click-Through-Rate Prediction for Digital Ads, and House Price Prediction.

Tool Box

Tool Boxes are end-to-end applications that are extensions of our platform, such as Slack Integration example workflow, Chrome Extension for Embedded Customer 360 View, Profiles API Example HTML+JavaScript code, Cookie Sync Tag Generator, and Table Schema Change Detection for Data Governance and Security.

We hope that you enjoy Treasure Boxes. It’s all a part of our mission to help our customers tackle the most complex customer data challenges in order to extract deep, relevant insights.

The code itself is fully accessible through GitHub. If you have any questions at all about a Treasure Box, please reach out to your Treasure Data customer success manager.

Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Scott is a senior solution engineer at Treasure Data, where he helps customers collect, clean, unify, and activate their data. He has worked in data analytics and BI across ecommerce, fintech, digital marketing, and paid media. When he’s not building data pipelines, he enjoys audiobooks and drinking tea.
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